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he me called beautiful or so I think.


what could truly be beautiful about me? 

the scars on my legs,

face or chin? 


My uneven hips, 

my bow legs? 


or maybe it was in the heat of the moment, 

I gave him my lips and 

he pounced. 


he tasted the sweet nectar we call saliva 

And made it his home. 


his rent was due to stay in my arms  

So he u...

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Heartlessdesperate romanticpoet


perhaps too critical. 

Bars open after 10pm.

on the corner of Foster Av, 

are a lonely place.

Perhaps day drinking is alright but 

at what point does drinking away your sorrows become too much?

Each other cup, 

another round the faceless man says.  

Cleaning out his bruises.

But in actuality,

 applying alcohol to the gash. 

harming the tissue,

Leaving the cut un...

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the color of love. 

love can be platonic, love can be romantic. 

Only a fool mistakes love for lust. 

Love can last a year, if it really tries. 

If it gives it it’s all and beats only for the other. 

Love is unending they say it never dies. 

Real love doesn’t have to try. 

It’s an instant connection, it may feel like a millisecond, but that millisecond turns into an e...

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Freeformdesperate romanticpoem




And sluts. 

You’re always one of the three, or at least a mix of all. 

Bitches can’t control themselves, whether that manner may be emotional or sexual. Their pride always stands in the way. 

Similar to bitches, 


Hoes live for the thrill,

And they certainly don’t mind being strung along.

Last but not least.


I have quite little to say ab...

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