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When the truth hurts

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My heart hurts and rage runs through my veins and even though I don't know her I can still feel her pain.
This right here hurts and it's not because of her race. It's the fact it's another human being that because of crooked cops they have deformed another face.
Everyone has something say but in reality the real matters of this country they try to ignore.

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Believe it or not

Believe it or not but you are a culprit 

Believe it or not but you are dead

All the words you speak, the thoughts you have

It's all what they fed 

The collar is around your neck 

The rein is in their hands 

No matter how far you wanna go 

You do what they say instead.


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I find that I must live in a world

Where, between that desperate dusk and a new dawn,

And between many a dawn and its dusk,

The only reality lies in love.


To be in love in that first dawn

And in the dusk, was to feel the sun

Warm our very passion every minute of every hour,

Reality lay only in the other.

And beyond that dreadful dusk, nothing

but dawns and dusk and ...

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Peace with Self


Searching in state of futility

for favorable drift of gust  


Waiting for an apt moment

to trim sails for final thrust


 Weathered many a past gale

now to placidity must align


Get rid of vain probabilities

and to harsh realism resign


All expectancy disconnected

disappointment amputates


Acceptance acts as panacea

feel good truly accentua...

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harsh reality

Living with a Self Harmer

Caring not one jot
For anyone else.
Me, me, me, me
I, I, I, I, I.
No substance
Except abuse.
No excuse
Get on with it.

M u u u meee
Pushing buttons.
Give me your attention
Or I will cut.
Get on with it
The answer.
Dispicable tart
Knicker elastic worn.

I can break you up
I will cut.
Get on with it
Wedge I will drive.
Your stealing my
M u u u meee
I will cut.


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