Living with a Self Harmer

Caring not one jot
For anyone else.
Me, me, me, me
I, I, I, I, I.
No substance
Except abuse.
No excuse
Get on with it.

M u u u meee
Pushing buttons.
Give me your attention
Or I will cut.
Get on with it
The answer.
Dispicable tart
Knicker elastic worn.

I can break you up
I will cut.
Get on with it
Wedge I will drive.
Your stealing my
M u u u meee
I will cut.

Simple logic
Temper tantrum.
I will get my way
I can control you.
Cos I will cut
Get on with it.
I will jump
Get on with it.

I will get my way
I will lose it.
Cut, jump, slash and bleed
Get on with it.
I can push your buttons
Easy peasy.
Emotional blackmail
You are a pushover.

I will get my way
I know how to hurt you.
Drugs and cocks
Blade and threat.
You will pay attention
To me, me, me, me.
Attention seeking
Crocodile tears.

Calculator, manipulator
I will cut.
See my badges
Criss cross lines.
You will pay attention to me
I have you in my control.
Why, because I can
Feeding on your emotion.

Everyones emotion
Except mine
It is easier you see
No reality.
No pain
Trance induced.
Fuck you
I don’t care.

I want a baby
I’m infertile.
No a Python
Or an Elephant.
Anything but reality
No substance.
No guts
Only cuts.

I like my scars
I like your pain.
Play good for a while
Now lets see.
Who to hurt next
I am clever you see.
Because you pay
From purse and feeling.

Stamp my foot
Rant and rail.
Threaten you
I will cut or jump.
Take a drug, find new cock
Punish you I can.
And I will
All of you.

Unless I get my way
You  will pay.
With your feelings
With your life.
I don’t need one
I feed from yours.
Stamp my foot
I will cut.

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