I remember the lines 

of your face.

the wrinkles around

your eyes

when you smiled.

the curves that

framed your

cheeks and lips

as you bared 

your teeth in

a cackle or two.

your cheeks bounced

with a slight poke

to your warm,

oily skin.

your lips chapped

on the bottom left

from you constantly

biting throughout the day.

your forehead,

red and blotchy 

from the strap

of your hats that

you wore until 

they were stiff. 


and as you laid

in front of me

in your forever space,

I had to relearn

the way your face felt as 


caked with makeup 

that gave you a 

a deathly glow

of bronzer and foundation.

your lines were


your cheeks wouldn't 


they covered the crack 

in your lips that

you bit

and all I wanted 

to do was hit

you until you 

woke up. 


◄ it went by so fast that i couldn't keep up

hope ►


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