I remember the curves of your face, 

The edges of your smile and your chin 

Where the thick bristle of beard hairs 

Sat unkempt and untrimmed. 


I remember the blues and greens 

In your eyes

When you looked at me 

Behind the long lashes I envied,

The ones I dreamed our children

Would one day have. 


I remember the brown hair

You kept dirty and wild,

Always wondering how long

You could let it grow. 


I now memorize the edges 

Of your stone, 

Curves of

Cold marble that sits 

And tingles my fingertips when

I graze them to say hello. 


The blues and greens 

Now surround you,

From the infinite skies 

To the grass that's now

Grown on the mound you

Lie beneath. 


The copper browns we see 

Now state 

Your name, 

The dates, 

And the words that will forever 

Identify who you were 

To the world. 


I still see you in color,

But the canvases 

Had to change. 


◄ the fall

it went by so fast that i couldn't keep up ►


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