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The End of May

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June will be the end of May!

The 9th will be a celebration day.

We'll dance in the streets of the whole U.K.

Let's make June the end of May!


When she came no one expected

she'd hit us with a rock hard Brexit,

so show the lady to the exit.

Let's make June the end of May!


June will be the end of May!

We'll halt the NHS decay

and give the nurses proper pay.


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One Man, One Voice

One Man, One Voice.

Today's the day
Politicians take note
That we go to the polls
To cast our vote
I have some thoughts
On this very subject
Some may agree
Whilst others object
"A vote for me"
"Is a vote for change"
Do I look like I'm
Mentally deranged?
There's nothing you can do
Thats not already set out
By the previous government
You have no c...

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Something To Say

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Something To Say.

I’ve got something to say about everything -
the bloody Tories and the bloody liberals
and that blood Farage with his bloody racism
and what about the bloody workers
and stop the bloody NHS cuts,
give us all a bloody living wage,
stop the bloody bankers bonuses,
plenty to say about benefits Britain
about the state of the nation,
about the house of lords,
about fracki...

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