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The Eagle Woman

The Eagle Woman is made of shale 
layers of life loam, which weigh her down
She is subsumed by ten white men who have killed every ounce of her outward nature.
Men like granite who glance her way
Not seeing the feathers pearlescent, buried, fused with the debris of past bullies.
Though she rises up to the thermals with wings that only God himself can capitulate.

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The Eagle (To Be Read Aloud with Vigor)

Fastly, swiftly, we run our race

The fire burns as we keep up the pace

Fly across the sky at night

An eagle flying in the red twilight

Then slow ---

Slow we flow

Slow like water

Slow like snow

How'd you know what your life's about

Up and down and in and out

Never stop and never go

The river's rest is slow to come

The eagle's nest is hidden from

The eagle's si...

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eaglenature.poems on spirituality

Maiden Flight

On her maiden flight

From the eyrie to the Castle's Delight,

Far beyond the tiny hills;

Far beyond she had ever been.

Soaring high till the sky turned black, gliding

Across the land, never to return back!

And then, 

She could smell it, all of a sudden!

Delicious carrion of the Castle's Delight.

She opened her eyes to her mother's tale,


Her little beak ga...

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eagleFirst flightsoar


You'll often see them running

and chasing across the plains,

a rabbit skipping and laughing

at an eagle, in great pains.


But why's the eagle running,

surely he can fly?

Sadly he’s afraid of heights

and frightened he may die.


An eagle that can't fly,

well surely that's not right,

it's just like having an owl

who won't come out at night.


But then on...

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jet fighter air war over the desert




A murky dust laden night gives way to a searing

hot day over the barren desert.

Sun glints off metal many miles away

as aerial knights rise to do battle.

The Tigersharks get ready to fight

the Eagles in the coming battle.

Suddenly it starts as missile trails

dance through the sky and jets

leave contrails in the humid upper air.

A ...

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