Maiden Flight

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On her maiden flight

From the eyrie to the Castle's Delight,

Far beyond the tiny hills;

Far beyond she had ever been.

Soaring high till the sky turned black, gliding

Across the land, never to return back!

And then, 

She could smell it, all of a sudden!

Delicious carrion of the Castle's Delight.

She opened her eyes to her mother's tale,


Her little beak gaping for more,


Her crop, like she never ate before!


"Teary-eyed mother made it sure,

The fledge is fearless, ready to soar!"


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Mrinmoy Dey

Sun 9th Sep 2018 10:20

@DOOMTASTIC Thanks maam. Glad you enjoyed it.
A mother knows that in life, her little ones will face so many struggles! Yet she can't keep her close to her breast. She has to let him go. The little ones have to learn life the hard way as there is no easy way either.
Have a good day!

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Erin Renee Moore

Sun 9th Sep 2018 04:08

I really enjoyed this. Very well written. I like how you described the mother bird as "teary eyed" personifying her relationship with her young and letting him go on his first flight. People take for granted how similar we are to animals.

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