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Platitudes at the Breakfast Table

If I bled out in front of you
would you finally see the goodness in me?
What will it take to resurrect the person I am inside from the hollows of your eyes?
I'm suffocating at the pressure of you obligatory love
confined by propriety and severed from my spirit
Cant you see my fingers turning blue?
Cant you hear my desperate gasps?
These tortured lungs’ salvation lies in one breath of forgiv...

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The House Looks Like A Painting

O, the house looks like a painting
we can't agree on anything
what I want is meaningless to you
what you want awkwardly remains obtuse
and unreadable

O, the house looks like a painting
no longer are we in step with anything
you casually slighted something
I spent the morning trying to unpack it
to understand you

It's corrosive
it's unsustainable
it's the only way we know to be


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disconnectionwanting different things

Loving the girl from the moon

I think that I was born on the moon.

But it was never ‘written in the stars’,


I think that when I landed here on earth,

My voice was left behind

Because you can’t hear me.

When I talk,

You can’t hear me,

You look up to God for answers...

And you kiss me like your investigating the saliva for my heritage,

You go inside me like your searching for my identity,


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