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'The trouble with Derek'

( In response to an ITV Documentary attempting character assassination

"The trouble with Derek"

about former  Liverpool City  Council's Deputy Leader Derek Hatton and the furore of his recent re-joining of the Labour Party )


The trouble with Derek :

was that he was a socialist

that he was a militant Socialist


The trouble with Derek

was that he was working class,


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The Conservative






disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, 

and to limit change.


Every morning on the TV – It’s just not like what it used to be


Kids these days they’ve got no clue, they RIOT, they’re not POLITE – they don’t appreciate SHITE!


In MY day - i...

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entry picture


This Britain, this Earth,

For everything it’s worth,

Is nothing without the things,

That begin with F.

Fucking, Fighting,

Family, Freedom,

This planet, this glorious United Kingdom,

Is about to experience a Conservative demolition.

Fucking Tories, I must fight!

For my family, for my freedom,

Sixty-five percent of us, say,

Fuck off back to Eton.

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