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disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, 

and to limit change.


Every morning on the TV – It’s just not like what it used to be


Kids these days they’ve got no clue, they RIOT, they’re not POLITE – they don’t appreciate SHITE!


In MY day - in my day, kids, they respected their elders, yeah – they didn’t RUN AROUND on that internet


We used to play out late in the park - oh yeah, we’d be out there till after dark, you see back then it was a lot more safer, but now everyone’s out trying to RAPE you


See, it’s not as safe as it used to be, and you know what? I blame SOCIETY!


It’s become something that it didn’t USED to be


It’s become something that’s ALIEN to me


Why can’t thing’s go back to the way they used to be


Just take the music – GOD do they abuse it – have you heard that SHIT – not an instrument in it


Computerised and digitalised – it’s no surprise there’s no community, when everyone is out trying to SNATCH the same opportunity  


And if they do get caught in the act, not punishment – but IMPUNITY – A comfy bed and a nice warm dinner, not what I’d have in mind for a sinner


It’s all gone tits up, yeah, did you not read the news – I read this article in the Sun, right,  that said they should bring back the hangman’s noose  


Now I don’t know about that but I do know something - all these Benefits scroungers out for NOTHING


Single mums and immigrants too, In MY day – in my day we used to work for our food


Now they just sit on their arse and watch TV, they all expect something for free, spent all their gyro on a shopping spree


Why can’t things just go back to how they used to be


It’s all LOL and 2 B Xact – I can barely understand that crap – Just like those Hip Hop guys trying to rap – fucking keyboards tap tap tap


In fact - What happened to the English language - the good written word, something we should all try our best to preserve


We wouldn’t have conquered half the word if we’d have been on our mobiles TEXTING GIRLS


Bring back national service, that’s what I say – Kids these days, that’d set them straight


You see, they don’t appreciate what their ancestors fought and died for - and the clothes they wear – GOD what an eyesore


Young girls all dressed up like whores - it’s no surprise, that now, NOW, we’ve got paedophiles


The social fabric of this country is going down the drain, it’s just like the fucking price of the trains, just like the ROT on our children’s brains


And the only fucking thing I can do is COMPLAIN!




I’m scared of change – this isn’t how it should be – gone to the dogs like the economy, digital instead of analogue TV, no more Saville on the BBC


Why can’t things go back to the way they used to BE!



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M.C. Newberry

Fri 8th Feb 2013 15:51

In amongst the rant (shades of Alf Garnett!),
there are uncomfortable realities. But things
never are what they used to Frank
Norman wryly observed about "nostalgia".
I'm fascinated that when there are plenty of
hard luck tales from the out of work workers,
there are no accounts of Labour millionaires
(plenty of 'em too) stepping up and helping the
brothers and sisters.

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