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O Mozart 's music fills me with delight,

And just like the Sun it is shining as bright.

It brings me contentment and with peace and calm

To my mind it acts as a beautiful balm.


It is all lovely and wonderfully moving,

So resplendent and incredibly soothing.

In his works we see how his genius shows

And by it we hear how it all perfectly flows


He began to compose as...

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All of Beethoven's music I truly adore.

It is something I have to come back to for more.

It reaches my soul more than anything else,

And it comforts my heart when I am by myself.


In his music he shares every part of his life.

He gives us great strength when once there was strife.

He shows the triumph of his spirit over adversity

In remarkable sonatas, concertos and sympho...

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When I was younger

Not so very long ago

The best thing I owned was a radio and

A pair of headphones

The ability to block out noise was crucial to my survival

I used to tune the station just out

So that there was always white noise

Static safety

Blocking out the screams

The smashing of plates

The threats

The actions

Classical music was my choice

As the songs w...

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