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All of Beethoven's music I truly adore.

It is something I have to come back to for more.

It reaches my soul more than anything else,

And it comforts my heart when I am by myself.


In his music he shares every part of his life.

He gives us great strength when once there was strife.

He shows the triumph of his spirit over adversity

In remarkable sonatas, concertos and sympho...

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Beethoven SOB

deaf sonofabitch
always close
to going
over the top
and very close
to not coming back
the one composer
whose music
makes me cry
an ugly
noisy sort
I am a cold fish
fully grown

he must have been
as well
to make me fly
like that
who else
can express
storms in the
that is a world
of silence?
Deaf sonofabitch
Try clavier 5
symphony 6

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