Radio Interview with Melanie Manchot

My interview with the artist Melanie Manchot for Brighton's Radio Reverb. You can hear me talking about the back story to Zones of Avoidance which won the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry

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The World's Coat

The World's Coat

The world's coat

has a zillion buttons made of stone,

has pockets

deeper than the deepest Ocean;

with its collar pulled up

it reaches beyond the death of stars.

Its fabric can cope with hurricane and hail,

sandstorm and snow;

it can brace your sorrows and your fears

of no tomorrow.

The word's coat is lined with silk from all the silk worms

that ...

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Zones of Avoidance





What use is a cage

that's become afraid


of its own trappings -

its mirror, its bell its swing?


What use is an opening 

that doesn't stay open?


What use is a perch

that doesn't stay still?


No use thinking things

will change


should a bird fly in

and make itself at home.


What use is a co...

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short poem

Zones of Avoidance

Zones of Avoidance (an excerpt)

I’m reading ‘The Confessions of an English Opium Eater’ –

I want to understand what drove my daughter out


in the snow with no coat or socks, in search of a fix.

I want to understand what divinity led her


to set up camp in the derelict ‘pigeon house’

after running out of sofas to surf.


I was a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds girl mys...

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Maggie SawkinsThe Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry

Zones of Avoidance


Zones of Avoidance, David Russell Theatre, Portsmouth

Maggie Sawkins' Zones of Avoidance is an intriguing combination of video, sound and live presentation of her poetry combined with words from people in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

The award-winning show - recipient of the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for New Work Poetry - takes its audience into the world of Maggie's daughter'...

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Heroin AddictionMaggie SawkinsPortsmouthThe Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry

Tongues&Grooves at The Southsea Show

Tongues&Grooves Open Mic at the New Southsea Show on Saturday 4 August 2013

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