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Trapped soul

I sold my soul now i'm paying the price

He feeds off my anger and sadness

he wont let me out i feel trapped

i'm stuck in this deep dark deprivation 

It started off fine because i was blind

Now i see it for what it really is

i'm outside looking in at it

his eyes are dark and souless

nothing in their but evil

I feel like a possession and object a thing. 

Not a human bei...

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A Mime Rhyme

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Can a Mime
make a rhyme?
Sure a Mime
can make a rhyme.
But who would
hear it?

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Black Ocean


Black Ocean
by, Melissa R. Mendelson
Numbness is a blessing found deep within the bottle.  It absorbs all your pain, your frustration.  Life evaporates, and you drift away.  Darkness then awakens and lashes out like a hand raised so fast and slammed down hard against the one you loved.  Oblivion slips away, and anger grows fierce, determined to stay.  Nothing mattered.  Nobo...

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A Nicked Poem

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Nicked was my poem*

I nicked that sucker right back

What a silly mess





The first line was suggested by Isobel.

After all my ranting about my stolen poem

I told myself I'd better give due credit.

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Haiku about a Stolen Poem

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A stolen poem

Took credit for my effort

Poem was removed

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Someone has stolen my poem

This time I'm not posting a poem. I'm asking for opinions.

I found one of my poems on a website but was not given credit for this poem.

Should I contact the sites administrator?

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He used to write to her, do his penpal letters in his spare time. Nothing special, you understand, it’s good to be friends and have fun.

Over a year’s worth of letters sent both ways, something young people do. Talking about music and films and their lives.

Out of the blue they came and took him from his homeland, to her land, but he wasn’t destined to meet her...

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