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Our World Is Disappearing

Water is rising floods sent from hell, Corona virus too

Everybody pondering but there is nothing they can do

Global warming distroying our world it's not going to end

A disaster after another, no one know what is round the bend


Save the earth be mindful they tell us. Stop it getting worse

This can't be fixed by hand, or all the money in ones purse

How do you stop ice from me...

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Caronafloodsgodmother earth

Mother Earth

The Earth Cries - Poem by Marie Causey

Look up at the skies ask your self why is it man is destroying a thing of beauty. Greed and laziness in anchored deep in mans hearts and his foot steps lead to destruction of his and children’s future well being. Your Actions are destroying a land a universal home for the lord god’s children. You pollute the oceans and the ozone the lord created to protect...

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Meadow Reflecting - A Villanelle by Road Runner 3

Though paucity of spirit plagues my steps,

And load of daily lifting breaks my back,

Her scent upon the meadow fills me yet.


Immersed in somber cycles that beset,

I strain to ascertain that higher track,

Though paucity of spirit plagues my steps.


It seems the chill of age, its frosty heft,

Does hound my soul while I resist the pack,

Her scent upon the mead...

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endurenceFather Godmeadow's scentMother Earthpatience

Mother Earth

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{Mother Earth} 


We honor mother earth to keep mother earth clean and to protect her from all the trash, toxins, killable gasses, oils that's polluting mother earth from sea to shinning sea and not to be polluted by this drilling with all this fracking that is supposedly all natural fracking but as mother earth only scream's out in bloody murder and sickening pain as you keep poisoning her ...

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cherokeeCherokee NationhonorMother Earthnative americanspoempoetrywriting


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(If Mother Earth could speak...)


I’m the first light of dawn setting fire to the skies,

the awe that ends with a soft, sated sigh.

I’m the slow, gentle sway of ancient, lofty trees,

branches of life filled with wonders to be.


I am sands and seas; a warm summer breeze

blowing soft, whispered tunes over ever-changing dunes.

I am stars in the heavens sailing high overhe...

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The Thief of Creation

The Thief of Creation


…………a trillion years in the making –

We’re staking our claim to this ball,

     But there ain’t nothing left of

The green and the blue,

For it’s all become degraded

Material going back to soup,

A life-cycle finished

By greed and industry, commerce

And we’re diminished of all responsibility

For the death of the Whale

The shr...

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Mother EarthNature

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