The Thief of Creation

The Thief of Creation


…………a trillion years in the making –

We’re staking our claim to this ball,

     But there ain’t nothing left of

The green and the blue,

For it’s all become degraded

Material going back to soup,

A life-cycle finished

By greed and industry, commerce

And we’re diminished of all responsibility

For the death of the Whale

The shrimp – the crayfish

The wolf and the bear;

For the education programming

Left spare our deepest concerns,

Left us instead yearning success

In all our endeavours to better each other,

     And none care because we have all

Come to realize the parasite we are,

We have all come to realize how selfish

This humanity has become,

Where we’re starving the infants

While issuing guns and it’s so frustrating

Living within the city when you miss

All that is green,

     But the countryside

Is a luxury, a bribe for the wealthy

Hand-picked by a minority

Of those well to do,

Yet we’re all well to do

If given the chance,

     A trillion years in the making –

The suffering of the many

Be the small price a wealthy man boasts,

But one day come high tide of

Awakenings when misgivings are laid,

He’ll be scrambling the boat

To save all his life,

Nine billion soon come,

Nine billion with mouths and bellies

Growing in numbers

And giving back effluence

To the blue and the green,

With no room under Earth

For the coffins of old,

     Why is this happening?

Why cannot we out of a trillion stars;

Breach open the galaxy to find

A new home,

     Why cannot we with

Our developing minds,

Not form the new World

To host the new forms?


It is thus that we can never leave

This world far behind,

     Maybe the rules of the universe

Make us the caretaker first,

Maybe when we have saved

And managed ourselves

With deeper understanding

Of the spite we’ve become,

We’ll change the habits

We’ve festered

Where it’s winner take all

And it’s just one ball,

One ball dying in sorrow,

Crying in volumes

For human evolvement

Where no land or sea

Are sacred,

No species of animal



     We are at war once again

Figuring the speech of human rights,

But what of the rights of this world

To exist,

     What of The Earth

That gave us so much –

What in return are we

Giving The World back,

     Nothing but harm

Nothing but testing’s of Nuclear power,

Nothing but radiation affecting

All flora and sea-life

And animals and we’re testing

In earnest without hesitation or thought

And if you’re inclined to differ

Then there’s your price to be bought,

The price of a World –

Where guardians are going steadily

Insane as alarms ring wide and far

Of the parasite we are.


     We all have to agree

On something so vast

That humanities character

May devour itself fast,

For while the sky gets

Lower and lower

And the waters climb higher and higher

There will come a meeting

Of creations that,


Cease all thought

And animate the selfish we are

Annihilating each other

Till there’s nothing but rot,

Nothing but death and the sad acrid

Stench; the musk of human

Endeavours as we return to a soup,


     We have to acknowledge now

Just who we are

And label our faults

So we’re all fully aware,

We have to wake up ourselves

To our gluttony become,

And teach every school child

All crimes that we’ve done,

For unto this world be this human race,

Yet all we are racing

Is the cease of our pulse,

The pulse of The Earth as day

Draws to night,

A night without forms

That once roamed free,

The cease of our being

When totalling the truth,

We’re all just a parasite,

Killing each and everything

And taking in haste the superior view,


     Kings of this world we are,

Bringers of doom

Be our behavioural threat,

Sitting each shadow

Lies the bare naked truth,

The truth we hide from

While thieving the light,

For the history we’ve cast

While bathing in power,

Denies the world we hail –

All creations of life,

Facing up to ourselves

Be our only reprieve,

Whence again we’ll find

Substance, creation and kin,

For all creatures and forms we’re

Destroying through greed.



Michael J Waite 23rd August 2013.

Mother EarthNature

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Mon 26th Aug 2013 17:37

For those of you inclined to post comments on this piece, thank you.

Please check this link out where you may just see the dilemma currently facing humanity.

thank you for your feedback.


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 26th Aug 2013 16:04

A brief note of optimism:
However often this world seems "near the brink",
somehow something comes along - either awareness,
invention or both, to avert the disaster.
I'm always astounded, bearing in mind the many
dangers faced according to Man's own observations,
how pristine the planet looks from above - as if untouched by the latter's activities.
The biggest threat is surely human over-population
- yet how ironic that we are deluged with pleas
to "save" our species. How to resolve that conundrum?...that's the present "humanitarian"

<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 26th Aug 2013 10:13

A professional sound recording and good subject matter. Haunting sound and words. I have a decades old degree in Environmental Studies and am fortunate to live in a village in the countryside in Weardale. What does Noetic Fret mean...

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