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Schrödinger's Squirrel

There’s a pome in that blog post,

Chère maman, chère maman,

There’s a pome in that blog post,

Chère maman, there’s a pome!


Well, so what, cher Henri,

Cher Henri, cher Henri,

Well, so what cher Henri,

Well so bloody what?


I don’t bloody well like it,

Chère maman, chère maman,

I don’t bloody like it,

Not one little bit!


Well, say so, Cher Henri,


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Ottava Riva - NaPoWriMo Day 8

Another attempt at my paternal tongue.

Un altro tentativo di mia lingua paterna.

And though I beam with pride as I'm learning.

E anche se mi fascio con orgoglio, come sto imparando.

I'm aware that translated, the metre is wrong.

Sono consapevole del fatto che tradotto, lo strumento è sbagliato.

But this language pulsates to my yearning.

Ma questo linguaggio puls...

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