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Giving Gifts

If there's one thing that is sure to give me a lift,
It is to buy someone special a wonderful gift.
It's a process which always starts off with a thought -
Searching through ideas till my eye has been caught.

The next step, which I relish, is in the buying.
It may feel so nice that I believe I am flying.
Once I have got it and have then brought it home
I enjoy wrapping it up all on my own...

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Sometimes we are so busy
we don't see them changing our lives
Too many things that are stealing our attention
so many blessings are going unmentioned

Let's stop to acknowledge some
or rather make time for one
It will open our eyes to the miracles
hiding in a simple blessing from above

When I breathe a sigh of relief
realising blessings are mine to keep
How could I ever miss this on...

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the poor boy that had no Christmas



the poor boy that had no Christmas


a young boy lived in the country

looked forward to Christmas

a special time when a tree was cut

and strings of popcorn were hung


the family had little money

but the boy always received

at least a present or two

from Santa Clause when he

and his reindeers flew by on

Christmas Eve


the young boy’s best fr...

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A Christmas blog




Brushing soot off his tunic (new, wipe clean, breathable material) he surveys the rooftops.

He belches, the last lot’s food offerings (whisky, milk and breakfast cereal) playing havoc with his digestive system.


Whistling for the team (trained to perfection by the reindeer whisperer) he prepares for the off.

Straightening, the man of dreams consults his watch


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christmas past, 1947

christmas past 1947


when I was young

christmas was special

for a boy in a small home

that  could not afford

a big christmas


my brother and I walked

through the woods

looking for an evergreen

to cut for our tree


we finally found one

but it was spindly

few branches flowing from

its skinny trunk


we cut it and dragged

it home through the...

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This time there was snot.

I am blessed with loving family and friends,
Who've given me things like memories and teddy bears.
They've also given things to be enjoyed for a time,
Like pretty flowers and chocolates divine....

But none of them have ever given me that which my dog did,
A dead rat and a coughing fit.
She dropped the prize at my feet, I bent down to study it,
And she licked my face, oh s...

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From Lexus To Flames

Helping other people can become infectious
so if your wealthy enough to drive a Lexus
consider the impact of gifts to a poor family
let those generous ideals bring hope willingly
to all that are struggling without fault of their own
for decent jobs are not there for all as is shown
by the queues at food banks and rooms to rent
as all the income they have is far too soon spent…

Wealth is ...

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