Sometimes we are so busy
we don't see them changing our lives
Too many things that are stealing our attention
so many blessings are going unmentioned

Let's stop to acknowledge some
or rather make time for one
It will open our eyes to the miracles
hiding in a simple blessing from above

When I breathe a sigh of relief
realising blessings are mine to keep
How could I ever miss this one
it was right in front of my eyes

As I ponder on what I have done
to receive a blessing from above
I realised that blessings are not to be earned
it's a gift of God, to me, to learn

While we stop to see
how a simple blessing is spoiling me
I start to see so many more
What's wrong with me? can't I see?

Life is full of man-made struggles
keeping us busy, living in our bubbles
Seeing the blessings all around
are the thorns we need to escape our troubles




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