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Conspiracy Theorist

Conspiracy Theorist

I am a Conspiracy Theorist.
I can’t help it.
Maybe it’s genetic.
Maybe I learned it;
when those I trusted  lied.
When those who should know,
When they just told me,
what they were told,
to tell me.
When they say, “Because I said so.”

Maybe I’m a rebel.
Maybe you are too.
I see things, that don’t add up.
I hear things, that don’t match.
I have a funny f...

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Ode To The Lazy And Ignorant Who Scoff At The Truth

Dark are these times the world's gone mad,
Its all gonna end soon and I'm kinda glad,
As I sit here alone in a state of isolation,
The world has been deceived in a sea of indoctrination,
Oh how we've been lied to on a scale so grand,
It's hard to comprehend so let me help you understand,
MK Ultra, Paperclip, Nine-Eleven and Blue-beam,
There's so much deception that it feels like dream,

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Don't Hold Sway With the Obvious

Don’t Hold Sway With The Obvious


Distractions, pose only the question; what is it, ‘they’ don’t want you to know? Currently, we have distractions everywhere and most, don’t seem to know where to look for the truth. We can sit and watch the terrestrial broadcasts, but when we do, we often get a ‘whiff’ of something missing in the content. Still, for the working classes whom struggle to...

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Conspiracy Theories

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