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On behalf of the wonderful Amanda Nicholson who is after a submissions on the following theme (UK Only)

"Several years ago, we published Words to Remember, an anthology which raised money for various cancer charities. In light of the cost-of-living crisis, we have decided to produce an anthology to raise money for charities in the UK who support people experiencing poverty (food banks, etc).

We are looking for poems and personal (non-fiction) stories from workers, non-workers (can’t physically work, retired, or some other reason) and small businesses owners/freelancers who are/will be affected by the rising of essentials like energy, food and clothing. If you can address and correct common misconceptions, then even better.

The maximum word count is 1000 words for non-fiction, and 60 lines for poetry. Ideally, poetry should be accessible for people who are not typical readers of poetry. Email a maximum of 3 poems or 2 non-fiction pieces per person. However, it’s unlikely we will select more than one piece of work from each person.

UK-based writers only for this one.

While the below list isn’t exhaustive, here are some examples:

  • What the cost-of-living means for you and your family
  • Whether a pay rise would personally help you (and why)
  • Ideas and thoughts on solutions, etc
  • Real tips for surviving this crisis (not the typical smug money saving lists published in the right-wing media)
  • Anything you want to share about the situation

Don’t worry if what you want to send isn’t mentioned above. We’re looking for real stories and poetry which educates and makes readers think. So, send your work across. It might be exactly what we are looking for. If your work is a hybrid of genres or doesn’t fit neatly into any specific genre, it still might work in the anthology.

Email address:

Closing Date: 15 November 2022

Publishing date: End of January 2023"

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Andy N

Sun 6th Nov 2022 08:52

Thanks Nigel for the comment as always.. Looking forward to seeing the book come out and your support is welcome as I hope you know.

Thanks also to Frederick Kesner, Tom and Stephen Gospage for the likes.. Means a lot these likes to both of us.

Powerful story that Rose and I agree with you completely over what you say there.

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Rose Casserley

Sat 5th Nov 2022 20:49

Good on you both guys! I think you'll see that we are more or less singing from the same hymn sheet when I tell you that after seeing a large skip on the grounds of a distribution centre and I do mean LARGE! filled to the top with in date bread and cakes that were the result of over production due to the fact ( according to the manager we spoke to ) that they (the bakery in question
( and no names mentioned for obvious reasons ) can never predict what amount will be needed each week.

So, since we work for a local foodbank we made arrangements
( months ago to go and collect all of their unused bread and cakes and then sort it all out and have since been delivering it to local church and community groups, to charity shop staff and lots of elderley people we know in our neighbourhood

and not ONE single crumb gets wasted!

But the sad thing is, is how many other over producers of these kinds of foodstuffs are still carrying out this wasteful practice?

just the thought alone makes me SO angry!

more power to people like you guys!

Rose 💋💋

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Nigel Astell

Sat 5th Nov 2022 11:55

This is great what you are doing so many people are suffering at this moment of time Andy and Amanda.
Good luck and I hope you can raise a lot of much needed funds for this worthwhile cause.👍

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