Things had changed for good

For the first few days
after they let me out
it was backwards 
and forwards
in-between the hospital and home,

then expanding to include 
the doctors at my local practice 
then back to the hospital
and the doctors 
the day after that

saying the same thing
to me over and over 
without even looking
at their computer screens
‘It’s still too high
we want you to introduce
the strength of your injections’

leaving myself telling outside
I would be back to normal
in a few weeks
before I knew it 
failing to realise
things had changed for good. 

From the new poetry book 'From the Diabetic Ward' - the book can be purchased at:

A Video of this piece can be streamed at:



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◄ Reflections on how I would have dealt with diabetes at an earlier age


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Andy N

Mon 27th Feb 2023 22:22

Good point John.. Dyspraxia kicking in there (:

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John F Keane

Mon 27th Feb 2023 19:44

Shouldn't it be increase rather than introduce?

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