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Early Spring Sonnet

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The end of Winter's grasp now fades away,
As Spring awakens with its vibrant bloom,
The earth renews blowing softly across the bay
dispelling the coldness in the winter's gloom,

the Spring carries secrets of life renewed,
a promise of the growth that's to come,
the hazy sunrise, dancing on the leaves like dew
in a symphony silencing the hum.

My emotions swell with gratitude and cheer
beholding the change in season before my eyes
filling my tears with hope all soon will be clear
and life will blossom again across the skies,

all worries flee in silent flight,
as Spring brings hope and new delight.



(Bonus poem written for #NaPowriMo Day 9) 


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Andy N

Mon 10th Apr 2023 10:21

Thanks John.. Yeah, I knew it wasn't full iambic pentameter but i enjoyed writing it still and glad you liked it too. means a lot. Cheers buddy

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John F Keane

Sun 9th Apr 2023 22:02

Not in full iambic pentameter but that only makes it more fesh and contemporary. Reminds me of this sonnet by Keats, which is maybe my favourite sonnet ever:

After dark vapors have oppress'd our plains
For a long dreary season, comes a day
Born of the gentle South, and clears away
From the sick heavens all unseemly stains.
The anxious month, relieved of its pains,
Takes as a long-lost right the feel of May;
The eyelids with the passing coolness play
Like rose leaves with the drip of Summer rains.
The calmest thoughts came round us; as of leaves
Budding—fruit ripening in stillness—Autumn suns
Smiling at eve upon the quiet sheaves—
Sweet Sappho's cheek—a smiling infant's breath—
The gradual sand that through an hour-glass runs—
A woodland rivulet—a Poet's death.

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Andy N

Sun 9th Apr 2023 21:47

Thanks Keith, means a lot you like it. The capitalisation I need to relook at as I've had a long day and am a little tired but considering that's what my third Sonnet ever, I'm pleased with it.

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keith jeffries

Sun 9th Apr 2023 21:03

This poem was refreshing and hopeful to read. Well rhymed and written in a good descriptive style.

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