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Nigel Astell on On The Right Track
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The true meaning of Christmas

Haunted in the half sunken darkness
Some Christmases you don’t know
What to say to each other
Apart from simply walking to your family.

Smiling at couples walking around
Frozen ponds with their dogs
And children making snowmen
Out of the white mysteries on the floor

Moments tied up in images
Outside other people’s houses
With lights on their windows
Like lifted eyes facing the light


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A.I. Graveyard

A.I. Graveyard

Laid out across the junkyard
There was a fused Unimate minus an arm
Based at a general Motor factory near London
Which crippled dozens when it exploded
And two robotic waiters from Nepal
Who poisoned dozens of scientists.  

A Robot bodyguard to the last leader
With six bullets lodged in its head
And kept chanting danger, danger, danger
For hours after he got assassinat...

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The Missing Poet (For Alex Humphrey)

Sundered alone in the dawning grey
You would have found it a poetic irony
When you were laid out to face the ocean
To be carried away in a wordless suspension
And baptised silently by the waves.

Departing Panama only a few days
After you arrived at your hostel
Like a river crossing warrior in your sandals
Your smile hiding a welcome escape
For what awaited when you came home.

Of cour...

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Risking Bone (A Warning for Red Riding Hood)

Be careful where you walk, Mother said.
Look round the other side of the trees 
Like you are peeling back metaphors
And never let go out of your basket. 

Never leave breadcrumbs 
And never pull down your hood
If the sun goes down 
Before you get to Grannies. 

Never lurch forward at the lake 
And never stop to talk to strangers 
No matter if they know your name 
Or stand there with a...

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Premature Birth

The excellent Bonnie's Crew website has just published one of my poems 'Premature Birth'.

Without going into personal details too much over Kate (who set up this project)'s personal background but Bonnie’s Crew was created after problems through the birth of Kate’s youngest child and the hard work Leeds Congenital Hearts put it for her. Paraphrasing the site, the unit is funded by the Childr...

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Three Short Poems about Mark E Smith

Starting off with an instrumental
Blazen in a fragmented fury;
Their first song stumbled along
In a bass heavy nervourness
as the band looked at each other worried
Like they were throwing
accidental thunder at the crowd
With a mellifluous speed
Until the words ‘I am coming out of the toilet’
Could be heard going through the crowd
Ricochetting eventually onto the stage
Where he...

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Mark E Smith

New Years Eve

At the end of each year we both hug the world at night
watching the ice slemnize the vows we make to ourselves
glistening untouched until the dawn taps above the houses
cosseting the spae between the chimneys
quiet in relection counting down the seconds
until the neighbours fireworks lace the sky
welcoming in the new year with all of its glory. 

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New Years Eve

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