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12 days after Christmas

On the first day after Christmas
My true love and I had 
A terrible, terrible argument 
And in tempter 
She threw a variety of pots 
And pans at me, 
so I strangled the
Partridge and burnt down the
Pear tree that my true love, 
My true love gave to me.

Things didn’t get any better 
By the end of the second day
When she started 
throwing plates at me 
like boomerangs
And so, in a v...

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Poetry at Stalybridge Train station

despite not been at my best today, i was over today at a exhibition launch at stalybridge train station mixing together poetry and photography which featured two of my poems

it's in the waiting room on platform 4 if you are ever passing. excellent fun (

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poems-for-national-psoriais-awarness week

Long story short.. The other week i recorded two poems for national psoriasis week for psoriasisshoutout (wrote as i know somebody who suffers from it pretty badly last year to help build awareness) and after publication i got approached to have them recorded professionally a few week-ends back.

Hope you enjoy.. as a person who lives with diabetes, helping increase awareness for this is the lea...

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The Ghost of Mayfield Station



Calling out the same name
Over and over
The sound varies constantly
Before cutting out
Like a chewed up tape

Echoing with a sadness
Bordering on the verge
Of a panic
Almost like they are
Pleading for forgiveness

In a broken sadness
Skipping through
All kinds of turmoil
Of a love clearly died

Left on the platform
No matter
Whether cold or warm


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Late night bus from Bolton

Calloused into a whisper
The loss of your love
Hangs around Moor Lane Station
Next to the market
Burying kisses
At the back of the town hall
Where once you shook Peter Kay’s hand
Into a pasture of love
Stretching past Sainsbury’s
Near the Sweet Green
With our love becoming shapes
Chipped by the moonlight
Clamped in the rain
Asthmatic in the sil...

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International Exiles

Of course they are not 
Simulating terror 
Crossing the border
From one country to the next 

Vibrating in fear 
through rain
and gunfire 
criss-crossing into brutal rhythms
across a gutted reflection

choking on echoes 

screaming walkways 

Choosing to sleep in the freezing air
looking at the camera
stone eyed 

Pursuing hope
before their lives ebbed into pieces. 

(For t...

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Write Out Loud Stockport @ Stockport Art Gallery - Enchantment

Dear all;

A few of you may know I have been a regular at W.O.L. Stockport for the past few years and it was a pleasure the other day to be selected along with other members of the group to be selected for a few poems from a number of us to be published at a exhibition at Stockport over this weekend.

Hope you all enjoy.

It can be seen here 

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The Return of Twaiku






(NB. A twaiku according to the internet is A twaiku is a haiku posted on Twitter, so is limited to 140 characters. I attempted these last year on this link I attempted them again this year on 1 and 2 September 2015 – on 1 September 2015 near a Cemetry on Ince Road and 2 September 2015 Bolton Food and Drink...

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Jazz Record cut off half note

Looking back in hindsight
I wonder how some
Of my ex girlfriends
Would have handled me
Getting diabetes

Sian who lived with her wealthy parents
And who kissed me with a desire 
Beyond her tender years
Would have resented my inability 
To keep running down to London.

Helen would have sat in front 
Of her ever increasing cocktail bar
And have said what the hell
Can you drink now

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Collaboration in memory

Silently scribbled
Over my fathers notebook
His presence is felt
Before I even open it up
Touched with
His fingerprints
Stained in fountain ink
And his doctors
Spiral signature
On the back cover

Feeling out its weight
And the colour
Of its paper
Which I would have
Dismissed as been
Too forceful

The line lengths
Which restrict
The size of my words
To almost miniature

The e...

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Coming apart like stitches
Memories break off
As you grow older
Dissolving into skeletons
Drained of fact.

Stripping emotions
Into stark instrumentals
Confusing Sian
The first girl you kissed
With Helen, the second.

Diminishing the 8 years
Working at Great Universal
Your first job
When then you wondered
If it would ever end.

Padlocked in broken gasps
All the way out

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New Writing workshop news

can now confirm guys first workshop for my new creative writing workshop 'west end writers' will be 20 august 2015 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at West End library, Winsor Road, Denton, Manchester, M34 2HB.

(Free admission)
Writers of the third kind in Bolton will also be back in Mid September too for our 5th season of writing exercises too. 

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Picc – Vic Project

2.3 miles the route was
planned to stretch out
all across the centre of Town
Doctor Hodge said. 

2.3 miles in short cropped mounds
30 feet below the surface
from Topshop to all over the library
threaded with rotting metal 

red dangled in drilled memories
stitched across half built shops

never switched on moving pavements

bolted up ticket offices

improvising in the wind
on an...

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For Danielle

Met in damp light
Tattooed in broken eyelashes

Glove less hand over face
Turning away from shadows
At the edge of the window

Preserved for all eternity
A poem in a photograph

Standing a beat apart
Changing directions in seconds



(Inspiration taken off the above picture of my friend, Danielle)

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The End of Summer Book is out now.

Almost Four Years in writing, my second full length book 'The End of Summer' is now out.

More details here (

Although it is a book for sale, if anybody wants a free PDF let me know.

Take Care



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Soul Building / For Amber Leigh

Both of these poems were wrote today and yesterday and have published on iamnotasilentpoet today.

They can be read at

It's a great blog and i really recommend it. 

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Ghost Story II Conclusion

Ghost Story II, my 2015 poetry story for Napwrimo has now concluded.

You can read the full story here

The last part can be read separate here which features a alternative ending from my good buddy Jeffarma aka Jeff Dawson. Hope you all enjoy. I will upload the full story as mp3's tommorrow night here


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Prologue 2 (Ghost Story II)

Cobbled together
the noise in the station
swept almost out of control
before the second shot
pulsed through the air,

translating footsteps
for broken screams

raking in chords
like pendulum drums
echoed across the ceiling

pulling together emotions
originally for some going home
or seeing loved ones
into blushed petals
trampled onto the floor
streaming through
stained glass


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Ghost story II - Prologue

Shrink wrapped in a breath-riled panic,
The violence was over
Before a word could be splattered
Blood covered like a trail of chalk
Unbranded up and down the waiting area
With broken glass slumped on seats
Drenched in split skin and broken nails
All the way down the escalators
And back onto the main conco...

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The Sermon of Reverend Collier

Drumming across windows
In both of the toilets
Banging could frequently be heard
Dragging chairs under the stairs
In the entrance hall

Thawed in the cheesy music
Leading to the main bar
Twitching across your back
Like a whistle blower
Drowned out by the noise

Over the sticky floors
And watered down lager
Curving into a maze of bodies
Aglow in a series of frantic lights
Sweeping d...

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