3 x new poems published

Seasons greetings...

After been away for a few days over Christmas, have come back to discovethree new poems of mine have appeared in three different journals.


Andy N


"Exit Wounds" has appeared on Panoply



"Christmas from Winter to Spring" has appeared on Cajun Mutt Press https://cajunmuttpress.wordpress.com/2019/12/25/c...

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Here is my set recorded live today in memory of Peterloo at Manchester's Peterloo Soapbox (outside Manchester's Home) containing two new poems


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peterloo massacrepeterloopoetryandy n



Sea-tinged like she was stood
on top of an ancient pirate boat
keeping her eyes open for the miltary
as she flung open the cage
in the field next to the ocean
clearly hoping that the birds would take the hint

laden in love but wavering in doubts
all the way down from her car
stopping twice barely able to carry on
but telling herself she had to silently
until she reached the edge o...

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Ghost Story 6 (Part 9)


In a cenotaph of skin
two of the Vampires
danced around
just out of Mandrake's firing range
as they snacked slowly
over the remains of two teenagers
whose throats they had slit
only shortly before.

Both of them they laughed to themselves
had tried running down the corridor
after been outside by chance  
to escape once the feasting began
when they first heard the screaming

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Love Poem

That first valentine’s day you were still vegetation
And upon advice I booked us in a vegan restaurant
In the middle of the Northern Quarter
Only for you to be more interested in the shake and fries
Than the actual burger itself made in a love heart.

The second year you had gone back to Chicken burgers
So, I booked us into Chroma in the middle of Prestwich
Only to get told upon arriving...

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4 x Short Poems


Echoing yesterday
The intimacy of your coughing
Becomes grating after a few minutes.


Across the Miles

Across mile after mile
All you could hear
Was the tapping of rain
Signalling across the divide
On your car windowsill.


What lies underneath

Leaping into a lake of leaves
You are never quite sure
What is underneath them.


The Camera never lies


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