Ghost Train

"They laid tracks for a ghost train," said the engineer. "But who's going to ride it? Ghosts don't buy tickets!"

The rest of the crew laughed, but that night, the train arrived. The ghosts got on, and the engineer was forced to work overtime.

"I thought you said they don't buy tickets!" he grumbled.

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flashflash fiction

Snow in Spring (A Sonnet)

Snow in Spring

The buds on trees, once ready to bloom,
Are now weighed down in icy despair.
Deserted nests, birds are silenced in doom
Awaiting the spring sun's fair share.

Snow in Spring is a paradox of sorts,
A clash of seasons to nature's surprise.
leaving the path frozen the news reports
As winter's remnants refuse to demise.

The chill in the air, a bitter reminder,
That even i...

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3 x more haiku about Change

Leaving you behind
your words fall between the lines
distant memories.


The past is a dream
rolling backwards before then
pushing us forward. 


Dreams of the past flow,
Backward rolling streams of thought,
Driving us ahead.

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haikuhaiku sequencechange

Three Haiku on Change

Faded migration 
The deserted church is closed
Disappeared slowly


Made up friendships
faded now, their story told
leaving your childhood


The passing of time 
the world moves on every day
losing memories

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3 x haikus about Lost Socks


Found in my drawer
A reminder of lost love,
Worn and full of holes.


Forgotten and worn,
A sock without its pair mourns,
Like love that is gone.


Drawer now empty 
that once held both of our socks,
Now holds only dust.

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Early Spring Sonnet

The end of Winter's grasp now fades away,
As Spring awakens with its vibrant bloom,
The earth renews blowing softly across the bay
dispelling the coldness in the winter's gloom,

the Spring carries secrets of life renewed,
a promise of the growth that's to come,
the hazy sunrise, dancing on the leaves like dew
in a symphony silencing the hum.

My emotions swell with gratitude and cheer

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Haiku in Bloom Part 3 to 8




From a nearby field.

A stranger waves at you both

welcoming the spring.




Tracing your footpaths

you walk on the riverbank

bathing in the sun. 



Mist at edge of woods;

horses running in the fields

embracing the spring.



Below the footpath
sunrise starts winking at you
yes, winter has gone.




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Haiku in Bloom 2023 Parts 1 and 2


Spaced in the silence
birds land on top of the trees
welcoming spring back


Opening the gate; 
The grass is already moist.
Spring is here early.



(For #NaPoWriMo - National Poetry Writing Month 2023 - I am writing at least a haiku day set in Nature as many as I can in Shepley Woods near where we live with photographs to go alongside them.

The complete archive ...

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HaikuHaiku SequenceNaPoWriMo

Things had changed for good

For the first few days
after they let me out
it was backwards 
and forwards
in-between the hospital and home,

then expanding to include 
the doctors at my local practice 
then back to the hospital
and the doctors 
the day after that

saying the same thing
to me over and over 
without even looking
at their computer screens
‘It’s still too high
we want you to introduce
the strengt...

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Reflections on how I would have dealt with diabetes at an earlier age

The 10-year-old version of me would have found it confusing and constantly would have asked over and over to the Doctor what most of their big words meant? The 17-year-old me would  have spat on the floor in disgust  and argued with them over everything they said when they told me I was Diabetic.  The 30-year-old version of me in-between constant bursts of depression and anxiety ...

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City Life Symphony

In the city's crowded streets,
The rhythm of life never sleeps,
A symphony of sound and light,
That fills the city day and night.

In alleys dim and alleys bright,
A thousand tales take flight,
Of love, of loss, of hope, of fear,
Of dreams that never disappear.

The city is a labyrinthine maze,
A puzzle that we cannot quite erase,
And yet we navigate its winding ways,
Hoping to find a...

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Near Haiku

Walking past you

he looks at you like a stranger.

Friendship dissolved.



Changing accents

you can see she is unimpressed

no matter how he speaks.


(Two examples of two pieces that came close but refused to be haikus. Neither are true stories) 

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Haiku (Sunday afternoon)

re-reading a book

for a Podcast later on.

making lots of notes.

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3 x Haikus wrote in Homage to Scott Walker

smiling through the smoke

Those last moments descended

On our window pane.




Falling through the night

your teardrops fall through the sky

watching the moonlight.




Voicing truths inside

the world's coffin gets tighter

closer to the end.



(Noel Scott Engel (January 9, 1943 – March 22, 2019) better known by his stage name Scott ...

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Ill health Haiku

new year illnesses;
coughing into the darkness
hope it passes soon.

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Global Warming Haiku 37

old piano keys;
crumbling in our fingers. 
coastline vanishes


(From a currently untitled forthcoming book which may also have a cowriter too)


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haikuglobal warming

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