Kidnaping Santa Claus

    Frost rich in the cold
    another change in season
    shifts acoss the lake 
    snow deep in pattered language
    draped across early Christmas Morn
    atomised in shackled light

    Another year looking over the fences
    callng out across the heavens
    decoding the landscape in celberation
    carving ice fillgres on the lake 
    reliving Christmas with a huge smile

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Enemy of the Wall

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Sadie Davidson - council home and silent

Council House and Silent" is the raw and unsettling debut spoken word album from urban performance poet and poetry slam champion Sadie Davidson on Spoken Label.

Recorded at home in her airing cupboard after spending months in a hostel with her partner and two small children, "Council House and Silent" is a truthful, heartbreaking and highly provocative window in to life in Britain's underclass.

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From Friendship to Love (V)

Working in isolation
our love built itself up
from almost nothing
brushed against the end of winter
just before spring kissed the air

playing a secret with
everything we felt 
throughout that summer
with laughter stealing
each other hearts

and then autumn 
when a innocent picture
revealed more 
than either of us expected
into a explosion of feelings

and now almost a year later

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lovelove and more loveloved

Scrumping Arundel

Tangling over tunnel walls
His call still rings over the gate
Next door to the castle 
Clinching with rage
Across the chiffon like mist

Skating across the ground
Spiked with a half asleep stubble
With his braces barely on
Rubbing the essence of sleep
From his eyes in shock 

‘Oi’ He shouted out 
blanch white in shock
stumbling through the trees
skipping heartbeats
in a glib eyed s...

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Sister in a box

Stood there on the left outside the kitchen
Crying out my eyes
While you were sat in a box
Our emotions carry across camera shots
From another lifetime ago.

Now we are both deep into our 40s
I am still stood there even now in amazement 
Every-time I pass our first house
Remembering our mother
With that battered old camera

Swiping at the leaves on the footpath
In her broken slippers

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From 1996 to 2017 (An emotional history off tragedies in Manchester looking at things from the outside)

In 1996 when the IRA blew up the Arndale
I was barely able to leave my house 
After getting mugged the night before
Which left me with a major limp
For the next 18 months or so 
And forced me to ring around friends
That I knew would normally be there
Praying they would be at home. 

In 2007 I got led out of my works
Viva an underground tunnel 
I hadn’t known about previously
After it w...

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Ghost Story IV Complete Story


My NaPoWriMo 30 day poetry story is now complete. Been getting some great feedback. Why not have a peek. A audio book version will soon follow.

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6 x Short Poems wrote while watching the film 'The Sense of an ending')


Your eyes linger
In a pause
Before dissolving into black.


Taking some time out
Your diary misses day out
Almost like it has a mind of its own.


Not being familiar with Dylan Thomas’s work
You are happy drinking
Your own masterpieces.


Counting shadows
Postcards carry feelings
Whether at the beginning
Of the end of the journey.


Closing circl...

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Ghost Story IV (Part XXII)

( A more tender piece yesterday from Ghost Story IV - my poetic epic for #NaPoWriMo (Not lol)

The full story can be read here





Michelle looked at Mandrake
With her faint shell drifting in and out
As the wind from the broken window
Slowly passed through her frame

‘You don’t scare me, Benjamin’
Carrying the echo of his nam...

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Dawn of the Election

Swaying in the wind on the lunchtime news

It is never the case of what is actually the truth

Or who is lying until their teeth melt

Or rip you off in ridiculous strokes


Who is trying to pass the biggest parcel around

In an epic pass the parcel game

Stretching out across cities

And playing with millions of lives,


Who will make you sleep better at night?

And who ...

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Sweet Nothings (A Homage to Hugo Williams's poem of the same name)

(Day 8 of NaPoWriMo was a prompt suggesting we write a poem which relies on repetition. I did a homage the other day to Hugo Williams so todays poem came from that with his work from Billy’s Rain still fresh in my head)

Sweet Nothings 
(Homage to Hugo Williams’s poem of the same name)

Picturing your expression
Every-time you run into my arms
It goes without saying
I love you more and mor...

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The Swan (After Mary Oliver)

Did you see the swan too drifting

Under the bridge next to Harvey’s Café

Just before Sunrise

Earlier on today

Fluting and sighing as the heavens

Began streaming red

Caked with yellow strips?


Did you hear the wind

Silhouetting half out of breath

Over the fading light

Before descending without a pause

As the Swan slipped into the crack

Pushed there by the sof...

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Ghost Story IV (Napwrimo blog)

It begins..

Anybody else doing NaPwrimo this year? (A poem a day throughout April).

Here is my blog so far. I am going to do as a 30 poem story. 4th in a series.

Let me know your links if you are doing it and hope you like

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World Upside Down (a short tribute to John Lever, Band on the Wall, 1998)

Pushing and shoving on the dance floor

We must have looked a right sight

Ducking and diving next to the waves

Of distorted guitars and tribal like drums;

Our Hair blowing wild in the over ripe summer air

As we laughed at the singer

Stumbling at his words for a few seconds

Before carrying on, pushing each other

Up and down the dance-floor


Your hair was punked up, dye...

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John LeverMemoriesThe Chameleons


Looking at what you are going
Through now with your father
Emotions etch across my thoughts
How would I coped with his cancer
And whether I would have been able
To travel over there constantly like you
Or would I dare try to get your sister
To speak to him after 15 years.

I don’t know whether
I could be anywhere near
As forgiving as you have been
Constantly checking on him
After all ...

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From Friendship to Love (IV)

And once things have transited
From friendship to love
It is never the case
That things will never
Be the same again

Or you’ll never be able
To do any of the things
That first drew us together
Whether texting each other
At six in the morning

Or sat there lost in thought
Each other words at literature nights
Even after the other one 
Has read and has been asking you
What did you t...

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From Friendship to Love (III)

Breathing different rules
Into old laws
Of course love differs
When it’s between friends

Tasting different
Than new lovers
Drawn together
Through whatever events

Crafting emotions
So the strings bond
Into a different
Kind of song

Changing gears
Like a car going into
Third gear immediately
Instead of a steady first

And making a relationship
Feel like years
Instead of just

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From Friendship to Love (II)

Rewriting boundaries
The transition from friendship to love
Is laced with clues
Neither of the parties could see
But oblivious to everybody else

Dancing around feeling
Like skating on frozen lakes
Until they start
To crack like tension
And feelings became rescues

Whether at 6 in the morning
On the way to work
At a frozen train station
Or well past midnight
Staring out of the wi...

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From Friendship to Love

The deepest love does not rest
In just lips or eyes
Or kisses or caress
Carried in gentleness
Across the wind,

But rather an emotion
That hangs on your thoughts
Whether across meadows
Bathed in frozen dew
Or listening to raindrops

Developing slowly over time
Like a detective novel
Opening up in soft layers
Until the meaning stares you
Straight in the face

Across borrowed harbo...

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Spoken Label seeking new writers for podcasts

A few of you know (but not everybody i know) as a side line to writing, i also run a spoken word podcast series called Spoken Label which concluded it's first season back in December 2016.

Now after a short break for Christmas, I am now getting prepared for Season 2 which will launch in either Feb or Mar.

Anybody who fancies doing a podcast - have a listen to the archive here


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