City Life Symphony

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In the city's crowded streets,
The rhythm of life never sleeps,
A symphony of sound and light,
That fills the city day and night.

In alleys dim and alleys bright,
A thousand tales take flight,
Of love, of loss, of hope, of fear,
Of dreams that never disappear.

The city is a labyrinthine maze,
A puzzle that we cannot quite erase,
And yet we navigate its winding ways,
Hoping to find a path that stays.

In the chaos of the city's roar,
We search for meaning, something more,
A deeper truth that lies in wait,
For those who dare to contemplate.

And so we walk these streets each day,
Guided by some unseen way,
Finding wonder in the commonplace,
And beauty in the city's face.

For in this place where dreams collide,
The human spirit can't be denied,
And though the city may be tough,
It's also where we find enough.

Enough to live, enough to dream,
Enough to find our place it seems,
And so we keep on walking, night and day,
Through the city's maze, in search of our own way.


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Nigel Astell

Sat 18th Feb 2023 01:49

busy City people
stop then read
sounds of poetry
before moving on.😍

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