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Card Story (A Christmas Poem)

Stuck in the middle of another drift
The sledge looks lost without reindeer
As Father Christmas stands there
Looking over the roof
At firstly the smoke
Blowing off the next house
Choked out by the wind

Taxis turning into snowploughs
On the next road
Almost by magic
Out of total nowhere
And dogs morphing into wolves
Howling over and over
In the moonlight

Children in the nearby fie...

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more poetry published

Hi Guys;

More poems to follow soon as i will start blogging a new sequence soon but in the meantime, two poems of mine 'Magic II' and 'Kissing my every Scent' have appeared on Page & Spine' and can be read here

Also in addition, two more poems 'Priscilla' and 'Prisoners of War III' (both of which also appeared in my split book 'Europa' (co wrote with Nick Armbrister) have appeared in Poetic ...

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Beyond the Sub-conscious

His fingers waken running through her hair
Only pulling back when she opens her eyes
Blinkered by the yellow sunset like flowers
Dropping consciously across the windowsill
Dangling on like fingers on a balcony
Tied up in invisible chains across derelict moods
Journeying beyond invisible emotions
Streaming conscious all over the place
Like totally mis-matched kissing
Beyond the sub-conscio...

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Boat Poems

Several of my poems (Boat Story 1 and 2, River Story) alongside other poems by members of Write Out Loud, Stockport (John, Linda, Nigel and Meschach) about rivers and boats have appeared on the healthwaterystrust website.

These can be read at
and as be seen from the website looking for additional poems too.

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Unsaid (for the children abused in Rotherham)

So many it is said
Will be paid compensation
For the countless lies
Brushed under the carpet,

Phone calls not returned
And personal callers
Brushed away

Letters dropped in confidential waste
And meetings deleted
From diaries

Warnings ignored from youth workers
And support workers
That something was really wrong

Inquires that seemed to get
Constantly delayed
Until they are al...

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For Stefan Kiszko

And always the silent smell
Of music follows
Each time his name is mentioned
Never justice,

Covered in ignored pleadings
With pinpointed accuracy
Constantly kicking
The ladder away
From his freedom

Evidence suppressed and misplaced
For 16 years
In cross currents
Of ignored medical reports

Miscarrying justice
And innocence
Constantly brushed
Under the carpets

Drawn back on ...

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15 short short poems for heatons twaiku

NB. There maybe more of these but i am busy for a bit now.. These were wrote for Heatons Twaiku (


1 - 9 were done on 26 July 2014

10 - 15 were done on 27 July 2014 (Blog updated) 



Buried in borrowed light 
You're glad you are wearing glasses 
walking home in the darkness


Catching dreams 
You reflect on your youth
Writing songs...

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Last night I dreamt
Of the dark alleyways
Leading to the Sands
And the black bags
Getting pushed around
Outside in the wind
Like a circular sleeping bag
Than a photographic reflection,

Singing through the windows
Of half torn memories
Of a delayed youth
That hung on the edge
Of the Old Arndale
Where we used to go dancing
In mops of blonde perms
And watered down lager,


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Disappear and Kissing my every Scent

two of my poems 'Disappear' and 'Kissing my every thread' are due out at issue 11 of Ariadne's Thread  today. not seen my copy yet but made up over this. 

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New Poem published on Perfectly Write Poetry

A new poem of mine, previously unpublished and until a few days ago didn't even have a title 'Nahariya, 2001' have appeared on a new poetry blog 'Perfectly Write Poetry'.

More details about this can be read here


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Prisoners of War II

Once the rifles finished 
silhouetting in Wagner 
and they were rescued
from the camps, 

their half cut screams
across that last moonlight 
followed them all the way out,
every footstep 

half sinking like quicksand 
through the tarmac
weaved in terror

nested deep In open wounds

gurgling with squirming limbs

alive in a conflagration 
roasted In the flames.



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Prisoners of War

When they found him 
he had been a prisoner 
for just over 4 years 
gleaming with a skeletal silence,

rattling with memories 
tangled with the wind 
carried out of the door 
and the chargrilled chimney.

Each cell a tally chart
of lives stolen 
shackled in invisible shadows 
and the silence reshaping 
around him in relief.




(Another poem from the upcoming book ' E...

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Counting to Ten

Dispatched to our recycle bins 
the memory of their suffering 
comes across as a 
thawing out window 
lost across the decades 
rather than perpetual 
 constant moaning,

An epitaph in the wind, 

sleeping in the distance 
with shell like heads 
and shaved eyes 
staring at the camera,

counting to ten

engulfed in silence

in front of a candle 
between emotions 
that lie betw...

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Cat’s Prayer

Steeped in silence
At six in the morning
Across bright lights
From a nearby field,

Seagulls land on the ground
Before leaping into the air
In a circular pattern
Leaving nothing
But feathers in the mist,

And the tapping of my paw
On the window. 

(Wrote for our younger cat, Roxy.
The prompt for this poem came from Jo Bell's excellent
52 poems ...

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Miracle (New Poem Published)

Miracle a new poem of mine has been published by Chicago-Literati, You can read it here



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Dropped Phone Call

I ring you in the usual way
During a early lunch
But you drop the phone
When you hear my voice
Leaving me with nothing
But the droning ambience
Of a lost call.

Perhaps you are still in bed
In the middle of a deep sleep
After a late


Late night


I had forgotten you mentioning
With a few bottles of wine
At your friend Jane’s
And couldn’t be bothered
Staggering o...

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