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Andy N is the author of ten full-length poetry collections, the last two being 'From the Diabetic Ward Volume 1' and 'Changing carriages at Birmingham New Street' and numerous split poetry books, including 'run away with Me in 7 Words' with his wife Amanda Steel (Also known as Amanda Nicholson) He is the co-host of Chorlton Cum Hardy's always-welcoming Spoken Word Open Mic Night which meets on the 1st Thursday of each month, and he does ambient music under the name of Ocean in a Bottle (and side ambient projects such as Polly Ocean and Mandy in a Bottle). He is also the host and the creator of 'Spoken Label', a poet, writer, and artist Podcast series also, the paranormal, supernatural, and plain spooky Podcast series with his wife Amanda Nicholson 'Cloaked in the Shadows'. His official website is and he is always interested in undertaking performing / new projects. His email address is


THE END OF SUMMER I Soon Autumn will be here with it’s dusty, driving breeze across the back of your house where poppies would previously dance with you now spit in your face. Autumn will hold your hand when you run to the station every morning jagged with purpose like it was famous for 15 seconds. Soon Autumn will be here and on the road again with leaves dangling in the middle of your garden like a radiogram of an old film. Summer will be dangling slightly just out of touch almost like a party you hadn’t been invited to before the cold weather comes, Leaving, Leaving You wondering had it gone before it had really started? **** CYCLING KNEE HIGH Laid flat out Your cat didn’t move off the window Cycling knee high in her dreams surfacing against the rays of the sunset In-between landscapes Flickering candle like unappeased in serendipity Re-capturing nature’s gift hanging silently in a slight sigh goodnight on a late hot summer’s evening. *** GHOST OF LIVERPOOL EMPIRE Some say she’s always been there by the side of the old stalls only returning back stage after the curtain has fallen down and rain became the audience. Others talk about her butterfly dress floating in the shadows and her shiny red dancing shoes tapping slowly in the distance almost out of earshot. Some remember her when they were young with woodchip eyes and would disappear quicker than a train in a tunnel if you approached her. Few however talk about her crying which tears turned red in the darkness or the coldness near the stage that leaves clues like a treasure hunt instead of a detective novel, And only hints at the tragedy like an outline to a story instead of a full painting that her ghostly shell constantly reacts over the top of the balcony. *** DAYBREAK COMES TOO SOON Deep filled yellow ridges cloud across the sunrise before turning orange dropping off the bottom of the heavens, Echoing over the hills wordless over the wind towards the sea in a sudden toss back down Coming up too soon. (All from 'The End of Summer')

Publications / Books

SOLO BOOKS: 1st Book 'Return to Kemptown' (2010) (Reissued 2020) 2nd Book 'The End of Summer' (2015) 3rd Book 'The Birth of Autumn (2018) 4th Book 'the streets were all we could see' (2020) 5th Book 'Underground Haiku' (2021) 6th Book 'Haiku of life (2021) 7th Book 'Dock Leaves (2022) 8th Book 'In the Midst of Winter (2022) 9th Book 'From the Diabetic Ward (2023) 10th Book 'Changing carriages in Birmingham New Street' (2023) SPLIT BOOKS: 'A Means to an End' (with Jeff Dawson) (2011) 'Europa' (with Nick Armbister) (2014) 'Europa II' (with Nick Armbister) (2016) 'Europa III' (with Nick Armbister) (2019) 'Run away with me in 7 words' (with Amanda Steel) (2019) 'Europa IV' (with Nick Armbrister) (2020) 'The lockdown was all we could see' (with Amanda Steel) (2020) 'The snow was all we could see' (with Amanda Steel) (2021) 'Run away with me again in eight words' (with Amanda Steel) (2022) 'Europa V' (with Nick Armbrister) (2022) 'Europa VI' (with Nick Armbrister) (2022) 'Feathers for Hena' (with Steven Flint, Charles R Haffner, Kim Brake, RJ Tungsten, James (Jim) McManus, Dina Nassour, Alta H Mabin and others) (2022) 'Poems from the Rising Sun' (With Alta Mabin, Charles R Haffner, Katerine E Winnick, Janet Scarborough and RJ Tungston) (2022) 'Europa VII' (with Nick Armbrister) (2023) SELECTED POEMS BOOKS: Selected Poems Volume 1 (2022) CHAPBOOKS: 'Mystery Story (2014) ( 'Selected scenes from the end of the World' (2020) 'Games People Play' (2020) Ghost Story (as part off Napwrimo) Poetic Stories: Ghost Story I ( Ghost Story II ( Ghost Story III ( Ghost Story IV ( Ghost Story V ( Ghost Story VI - ( ROLE REVERSAL: Book 1 - The Hour of the Wolf (2017) THE BARBARIANS OF THE WALL Book 1 - Enemy of the Wall (2018) Book 2 - Buried alive on the Wall (2020) Book 3 - Prisoner of the Wall (** Forthcoming **) FROM FRIENDSHIP TO LOVE From Friendship to Love I (2017) From Friendship to Love II (2019) NON FICTION: Adventures in sound and music - articles for the Sunday Tribune Volume 1 - 2019 to 2021 (2021) NOVELS: Birth (2023) Death (2024 / 2025 * Forthcoming * )

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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John (21/01/2024)

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Profile image

Becky Sanders

Thu 25th Jan 2024 23:04

Thanks for your kind comments on my poem 'Our Journey', much appreciated! I look forward to reading some of your work 😃

Profile image

Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 6th Jun 2022 15:24

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for taking part in my Allfm Jubilee spoken word special

If you're a poet but don't like performing your work Andy's your man!

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 20:19


"Andy N

Thu 31st Dec 2009 13:58

groove to this m8. good stuff!"

Cheers. Tommy

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Nigel Astell

Wed 8th May 2019 14:27

Thanks for your like mate on - - -

The Helter-Skelter of Football

<Deleted User> (18118)

Sun 8th Apr 2018 15:50

Hi Andy, thank you so much for your comment on my poem 'Moonlight Sonata'


Profile image

Shirley Smothers

Thu 13th Jul 2017 01:47

Hello Andy. Thanks for your comments on my poem THE PRICE OF FREEDOM. I have added two more stanzas to my poem and titled it The Price of Freedom-(extended version).
It still needs fleshing. Thank you again I really appreciate feed back.


Profile image

Katy Megan Hughes

Sun 20th Nov 2016 21:36

Thank you Andy! : )

Profile image

Elizabeth Faitarone

Wed 12th Oct 2016 10:52

Thank you for your comment! Always very supportive, you are not just a marvelous writer but a caring friend and that is a treasure to treasure!

Profile image

Genevieve Gore

Wed 24th Aug 2016 10:29

Hi Andy, thank you for reading 'Love Is' & for the kind words.

Profile image

Emer Ni Chorra

Sat 23rd Jul 2016 00:45

Thank you very much Andy. Keep up the great work :)

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Tue 7th Jun 2016 12:30

Working on it - - - could call it
Brown Bare Ass with Red Bits in the Middle!

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Mon 18th Apr 2016 12:02

Cheers Andy

Profile image

Gus Jonsson

Sun 17th Jan 2016 13:11

Thank You Andy
much appreciated.....hope you are well

Profile image

Gus Jonsson

Sun 17th Jan 2016 13:09

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Tue 15th Dec 2015 11:12

Loved the twelve nights after Christmas

all the best mate for the new year

thinking of enrolling at Cambridge

but only to enter the free competition

on my first day I must find out

what rooms will be free for the photo shoot!

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Tue 17th Nov 2015 13:27

Saw your comment on Stockport W O L

You can't call me lovely Nigel till we get those glossy photos back from Rachel Andy darling x

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Sun 15th Nov 2015 12:48

me too

lets hope Rachel can get another railway station set up

but it must have a good bar to go with it!

thanks for putting my poems on your blog.

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Wed 28th Oct 2015 14:48

Hope your interview went O.K

Had a great day out on Saturday

Will send Rachel a poem for the launch on November 14th

Went out Monday night to a pub called The Puss in Boots

and had a dizzy blonde not as tasty as my black pussy!

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Fri 23rd Oct 2015 15:36

The Morning Train

Catching the right one is what I have to do
but if everyone I ask frowns then keeps shaking head
must be on the train that has the mystery trip!

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Thu 17th Sep 2015 17:38

Thanks Andy or is it Sexy Legs?

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Fri 31st Jul 2015 16:16

Cheers Andy

must dash just meeting the barmaids sister down at the pub she says she is looking for a house share we will tell her she has to share everything then we will have a housewarming tonight!

<Deleted User> (13947)

Mon 27th Jul 2015 18:46

Andy, thank you for your comment on 'R'. Much appreciated.

Profile image

Nigel Astell

Mon 27th Jul 2015 14:04

Glad you liked it - - - good luck with the West End Writers!

Profile image

Katy Megan Hughes

Thu 9th Jul 2015 17:54

Thank you Andy, really appreciate your feedback

Profile image

Martin Elder

Tue 30th Jun 2015 18:31

Hi Andy
Thanks for your comments on 'Not from round here' It is based on an event that happened to me as a student walking back to the car loaded with books as opposed to just loaded! He was quite insistent that I came form London and was happy when I agreed. Hope to see you next week.

Lynn Hamilton

Tue 16th Jun 2015 19:10

Hello Andy. Thanks for reading and commenting on the 'The 19th Floor'. Much appreciated and chuffed to bits you enjoyed it.

Lynn Hamilton

Sun 14th Jun 2015 17:29

Hi Andy. Thanks for reading and your comments, once again x.

Lynn Hamilton

Mon 8th Jun 2015 13:22

Hi Andy. Thank you for your comments. Very much appreciated. x


Sun 17th May 2015 13:23

Hi Andy, thanks for reading and commenting on Beachcombing - much appreciated x

Profile image

Ian Whiteley

Wed 13th May 2015 18:51

thanks very much for commenting on 'Once Upon A Time' - a little whimsy and nostalgia - but I'm pleased that you liked it

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