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The Birth


I am the only one, all alone

With none to be substituted.

I am the solace of the sufferers

Everywhere around everything.


I know the secret numbers

To unlock the mind.

I know the dark chamber

Of the soul in eternity.


I overwhelmed the waves of

Our history, surviving along

The time scale of nuisance

Standing erect over the debris


Of beliefs fro...

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I hear you, sneaking there – whispering among the tree’s, 

A delicate touch, they barely stir, as you dance amongst the leaves. 

You carry scent, the messages of life, as across the land you fly, 

With hidden notes upon your wings, story's spun within the eye. 


Yet upon a whim your attitude can change, your ire you want to show. 

You shake, you roar, you bend and break – you hu...

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In the Beginning Was the Word...


In the beginning was the Word…

And only then was the world.

Out of chaos and the darkness,

Out of nowhere and the blackness…

Something more than a miracle happened

Filled with warmth and light that sparkled.


The world got name and became alive!

All around began to thrive.

Not in gratitude, not out of a sense of duty

It believed in truly saints an...

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world creation

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