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Maria Dominica

Verse 1

The wild winds tear out in the night

As Maria rips the roofs off with all of her might.

Destroying everything she can

Till the people cry out in vain and fright

The rain, then mud it falls and falls

I cannot clear the image out



Gonna take a lot to keep me away from there

There's a lot that 100 men can do

Gonna take some time to make it right again.


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You are the sunshine on a cloudy day, 
the bright blue sky breaking through 
a rainy afternoon.
The only star in my night sky, 
illuminating dreams long lost to me.

I'd swim in your ocean 
for all of eternity 
and be twice as free 
as I ever could have perceived.

My mind doesn't wander 
at the sound of your voice. 
I feel calm. 
I feel peace. 
I feel at ease. 
I think you're swee...

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Hurricane fighter plane dives through clouds towards the ground,

he goes down through the thick grey murk, no one can see him or knows

where he is going.

His wingmen landed some time ago and still there is no trace of him.

Is he gone, his plane so many smashed pieces of metal or burnt ash?

The dogfight was fast and swift with many planes turning and r...

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