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Music and dancing to bring joy to a wedding day.

Hire a wedding band of talented musicians to play and bring joy to a special day.

The sound of music fills the air,
A beat that makes the heart repair.
A band of talented musicians play,
Bringing life to a wedding day.

The dance floor comes alive with grace,
As couples twirl in a loving embrace.
Their smiles and laughter shine so bright,
A joy that dances into the night.

The rhythm ...

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A Cautionary Tale

Come close if you must, 

to my heart of rust. 


Taste my sorrows

of ash and honey,


beneath the illusion 

of love and money. 


After the show, 

your life’s a mess, 

you’ll fall in line 

with the rest.


. . .


It’s not too late, 

to change your fate.


Turn away from a life 

of heartbreak.


What you seek 

is found within,


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In Which Orgasms are Compared to Musical Elation

Sometimes when musicians finish
A piece that has gone well, they let out a
Combination sigh and laugh that
Expresses relief and pure joy.

It’s the same laugh you hear from
Women who have had a satisfying
Orgasm, enhanced by a slight tinge
Of guilt for being unduly blessed.

Of course, these laughs are never
Unwarranted. In both cases,
Substantial effort is required
To produce an even...

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Old anger

Preamble: see below for explanation that is too long to preamble here.

I didn’t know I was still angry till the day I heard you’d died.

Suddenly the old bitterness is welling up inside

I haven’t given you a thought for literally years

But now I find my eyes are filling up with tears

Not of grief, but of re-awakened pain

Reliving the sting of your words all over again

I’m not ...

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Take me back to Vienna
Where the great musicians played
- Wolfgang Amadeus
And the members of a band called Slade.

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In red jackets they had assembled

instruments to hand, smiling.

My eye took them in

close enough to touch,

the living

and some I knew had passed over


Long hours we had spent together

glued into years

in pursuit of music,

I made them what I remembered,

reached round the back of memory

propped them up again smiling


and the dream was good.

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Team GUM at Riff Awards/Riff News

Team GUM are taking on the Riff Awards.

Step 1.

Like the Riff page here:

Step 2.

Send an email to:

Put forward Kris Fogg for BEST NEWCOMER.

Put forward Ushiku Crisafulli for BEST NON MUSICAL ENTERTAINER.

You'll see us both repping Riff at RIFF SURVIVAL SUNDAY - MARCH 31st


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