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Little Rabbit

Despite time moving quickly around it, the little bunny rabbit goes slow.

All the other little rabbits hop in time but this one falls behind.

No one knows it's there, no one really cares.

Feet so small they barely make a sound.

Inferior to the rest.

Although the sun lights the way, the finish line is still far away...


but the little rabbit carries on.

Desperate to get to ...

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November Morning

Beep Beep Beep
The screaming of my alarm alerts me that it's time to stir awake from my sleepless dreams
I grab my mug and pour the dark liquid hell to get me through another day of 8-5
I grab my favorite unprepossessing red and brown checkered flannel with my short deep blue shorts
My eyes graze the outside sight of the glass infront of me
Cold, damp finger prints left by my hand as I begin ...

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poetryismy lifenaturemorning

A Place For Mushrooms


Roses were never within her

For only the cloying fragrance of lilies  

emanated from every pore

and ethereal breath 

A succulent moss gave comfort

like an earthly blanket

Seducing her cold, dead bones

Pale, decaying flesh turning

fertilizer for sprouting fungi: 

such tempting, flavoursome morsels 

of a fine meaty bouquet


The swirling breeze whispers:



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The storm after the storm

In general, it is possible to fly,

This requires a certain solitude,

And I don't mean temporarily,

Immobility breeds creation,

Just like being blind heightens the other senses,

It's easy, they say, if you know how,

To weather the storm after the storm,

Keeping your ideas close in case,

Another comes rolling along.

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One of a firepit, another a grotto

A low, dim mist leaks from between hills like the Milky Way erupted

From deep below

The earth was warm and its emerald undertone became glossy beneath the ice

And ochre paint of daffodils smears with browned frost


The home itself is but a disorganized cabin

With its heavy vines sewn throughout pine beams

And all the world is quiet but fo...

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love poemscabinnaturenostalgiapoem


I hear you, sneaking there – whispering among the tree’s, 

A delicate touch, they barely stir, as you dance amongst the leaves. 

You carry scent, the messages of life, as across the land you fly, 

With hidden notes upon your wings, story's spun within the eye. 


Yet upon a whim your attitude can change, your ire you want to show. 

You shake, you roar, you bend and break – you hu...

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Naturewindhurricanelifeworld creationspiritual

Evening Thoughts

It brings me comfort knowing we're sleeping under the same sky,

Gazing at the same moon,

Wishing upon the same stars. 


It makes me feel closer to you. 

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love poemlovedistanceromantic distance lovelong distancemoonstarsnature

Roadside Wildflowers

I hope the stars

Always twinkle for you.

I hope the flowers

Always bloom for you.


I hope the sun

Always shines for you.

I hope the moons 

Always bright for you.


I hope the sunset 

Is always your favorite color.

I hope your ocean’s 

waves are always calm. 


I hope your river

Always runs true. 

I hope the rain 

Never lasts too long. 



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loveYoung Lovelove poemunrequited lovelove poetryflowersNaturenature poetry

That Paper Twang

I once heard a flute from far away

Was it the doorbell or the voice of Aunt Maye?

I tried to follow the flute far away 

And found the carriage-drivers whistling with green leaves

I once knew that all they did was drive carriages

But I didn't know that they feasted on cabbages

I tried to follow the flute again the next day

And caught Aunt Maye brushing her teeth in the garden


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England, low tide

All the fuckin’ country 

is tense about some dead duck football game

tonight at 8 pm (or so I’m told).

The sea it slinked away but turned again

and stealthily manoeuvres to reclaim 

the mudflats populated by the clumsy

clumps of seals. They loiter, lolled 


like slack balloons, like lard

collapsing down to chip fat on the hob.

But we, we sit up straight: our sofa, st...

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Barely a arms throw away
from where you walked
the lights holds it own
to the darkness
leading to another world

oiling over the distance
like a door nailed open
at the edge of the forest
blowing a soft tease of a kiss
at the edge of your thoughts

peeling the darkness from behind
in a beauty in near silence
cherry-picking the moment
leading a different way out
to the way you enter...

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Across the Land

Beyond this tree is another tree

like a desert highway

in the middle of a field

logged in the summertime

running in tandem with the powerlines.


Beyond this tree is another story

churning towards the coastline

and another adventure

in another day across this land

rubbed across this car window


Beyond this tree during dawn

the breeze is writing

a love let...

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Dividing The Land

How far does it extend this piece of the planet we buy?

Is it to the earth’s core or as far as we can see in the sky?

Guardians of this earth, here to give and share.

How can we own the land, the sky or the air?

Revering nature by giving more back than we take.

Really any other way of living, could only be called fake.

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Documenting the silence 
the bus stop is almost reclaimed by nature
until the bus arrives after a long conversation
with the broken country path
in a meditative rhythm each morning 

disgorging the mood 
its wheels on cast aside leaves
inbetween the sun barely awake 
in the early morning sky
and the sinking moon 

recording the moment afterwards
restlessly in symmetries in gentle wind

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CoastlineCountryCountrysideCounty loveNatureSpringEpic 45

There Is Art In This City

The big wheel is apparently not a wheel, but an eye.

Boxes of people suspended in air and time, up in the sky.

The panorama stretches out before them, a city laid bare.

A few million souls living, they look like ants down there.

Which way to serve them best?

North…South…East or perhaps West?


Culture awaits in this. metropolis, but is anything real?

Find a place to go, chi...

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Insecure Wind ??


Feel my cool breath

on your skin

I saw you were dewy

and needed it

Did you catch my little rustle of the leaves? 


Stroll under those

old oaks and notice  

I make sounds

just like the ocean

Shhhhhhhhhh, can you hear my artistry?


My gentle breeze flirts

with your curls

Yet I destroy whole cities

with my whirls

Can’t you see how soft and strooo...

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The greatest artist

Rumbles have started growing louder. 
Now there appear bright flashes across the sky; 
Filled with glee, thundering sadistically. 
I admit they appear absolutely splendid to me.
Blue, white, dull grey and yellow.
No one ever says that's a great colour combo.
But is there a sight prettier than the grey clouds
Trying to cover the tints of soft crimson,
That sparkle throughout the infinitude,

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Wisdom Of The Tree

He has lived longer than you or I

Standing tall amongst his forest of friends

What makes this tree so special?

Why are so many compelled to visit this exact tree?

Leave offerings in his branches

Bury gifts between his roots…

Wisdom Tree gives freely of his counsel

Wisdom Tree communicates clearly

For those with ears open enough to hear

Humanity drawn to ask favours from ...

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hinterlands intact,

forests not a hell,

grass not wheat,

soft cold rain fell


heavens doing what

open clear skies do,

pilgrims of sunlight,

days honestly new


no forever anymore,

now the foe is time,

some end's in sight,

verses don't rhyme


tarnished the sward,

ox-skulls bleaching,

toll paid for a blind,

low, over-reaching


truths die...

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After Salvador

I had seen him on tv in bygone times

Finding his art entrancing in my childhood

He seemed a little mad and I liked that

Wanting to understand

My mother became my oracle of knowledge

She also worked herself as an artist

Teaching me together with discussions aplenty

I came to know him a little


Fast forward into the noughties

Persistence of Memory seen small as life at...

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On hearing the latest study from RHS on how effective gardening is for boosting your physical & mental health....


A boost for the body

A balm for the soul

Go grab your shovel

Take up your trowl

Dig up your past

Remove all the weeds

Moving on fast

By planting new seeds

Reach for the sun

As you grow 

Your success

New life has begun

A gardener is blessed


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The sea fell in love

With the moon

Because of the darkness


Every night

The sea stared up

And wished for a glimmer

To dance across its waves

And make it feel

Like something precious


The moon saw this

And every night

Wished to stroke silver

Across its skin


The moon fell in love

With the sea

Because of the darkness


Cold and drifting


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Summer Rain

To walk in the cleansing summer rain

Nirvana for humans and parched ground

Pine trees, roses, the damp earth

And a thousand other scents

All at once brought alive

Teasing senses with their beauty

Thoroughly soaking wet and caring not

Simple joys of being alive…


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At the bottom of the sea sits a perfectly symmetrical hinged oyster shell
lived in water and land
Inside is a grain of sand
That chosen grain the special one
In to the gap in the shell he has gone
At first it is lonely and dark cant get out
But hes safe from the monsters of the sea no doubt
This tiny grain with sharpened points
Indulges and grows as the shell anoints
He tumbles and role...

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Pearlpearlsnaturesandsea themed poems

Lockdown Fatigue

Quick scribble. I just want to be the squirrel in the tree outside my window today. I've had enough. 


Up and down the Ash trees,

Round and round they go,

Unaware, oblivious,

Of these troubles that we know,

No Coronavirus seeping,

Through their very roots,

Dampening their daily walks,

Or tarnishing their fruits,

No handwashing,


Searing, hurting longi...

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The Fifth Element

She is fire,

Get close and she will melt your heart,

The light in your darkest hour 

But play with her and you'll get burnt.


She is earth,

Her roots rich with self-love and worth, 

The natural evolution females seek

But mess with her nature, 

And she'll bring forth her seismic wrath. 


She is air,

Free and not confined,

Moves like the wind and her path kno...

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ElementsNatureNatural LawsChemistryPhilosophy


Remote idyllic islands without a single car

Anywhere you would wish to go, is not so far

Narrow causeway walked to get on the place

Bird watching, life taken at a much slower pace

Those venturing here in nature’s celebration

Time spent here like one condensed vacation

Only a few hours to be enjoyed, yet never a bore

Visitors see this a small price, for the island they adore


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Hello, how are you today: upper,middle,lower— class.
front, and center.
I’d like to think if a kid were to get up and say I can’t stand this, then the teacher would get behind them in an orderly fashion.
side by side, classroom C-3 parts in the middle of the day, to make their way back to their seat,
show and tells of mommy and me– are always well received.

A pinned-up faction icon that sta...

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alignmentcrushearthgeometrygodhollywoodhoroscopeslovelovedloversnaturepoempoetrysacredspiritualityValentinesvalentines dayzodiac

Wainwright - The Shaper of Lives

I first came across them when a teen

Exquisite drawings for to set the scene

Fell walking made large through illustration

Bringing to life every beauteous location

Lakelands crying out to be walked like never before

Each book read leaving me feeling I need to see more

Descriptions of crag, scree, and the valleys green

Following in his footstep to view each scene

To the Lake...

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Nature's Hug


Humming along with the breeze
La la-la-la
Singing a song with the birds in the trees
Oh Oh-Oh-Oh
Floating along with the clouds
Ahh Ah-Ah-Ah
Feeling peaceful now.

Oooo Ooo-Ooo-Ooo
Seeing the beautiful sky
Tra la-la-la
Watching the birds as they fly by

Happiness is as easy as this
Nature’s hug, Nature’s kiss.
All, all of life, as easy as this.

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happinessmeditationnaturepeaceSEND parentsong

Careless Breeze

I stood beneath a whispering tree
Upon a windy day
Singing into the careless breeze
My cares they blew away.
Then finally I clearly heard
What nature did avow
And I could see the sun at last
Beyond the leafy boughs.

Yes, finally I clearly hear
What nature does avow
And I can see the sun at last
Beyond the leafy boughs.

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depressionhopemeditationnatureperspectiverecoveryserenityshort poem



She danced under the moonlight

Deep, deep into the trees

Until the morning mist

Made her the dew upon the leaves   


She dripped unto the fertile soil

Where fragrant flowers bloomed

Then bees refined her into honey

And your eager mouth consumed


Your sticky lips, like summer, shone

As you sowed your field of corn

And the innocence of restless youth


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Windermere Calls Me Back

We stayed in Bowness

Well it seemed the right thing to do

To my 9-year-old self it made perfect sense

And probably would now

Exploring the lakes

Windermere our starting point

I had been given a choice of holiday that year

Blackpool or The Lakes my options

We stayed in Bowness


The peace before mobile phones

Up early and down to lakeshore

Wandering and wondering


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Walking With Butterflies

Southport in August

Flower Show attracting nature lovers

I am seeking different experiences

Spontaneous decision made

Heading along the promenade

Breathing sea air

Mixed with traffic pollution

Forward into the unknown

Formby my destination

Nobody else around on this footpath

Eveyone too busy viewing horticulture

Yet here we had another kind of nature


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