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Brown Bread

she's a great cook to be fair,

puts fine grub on the table,

sees me eat up with gusto

as best as my belly is able


she has a bread-maker now,

flour and yeast and pastry,

I must mind my waistline,

dont gobble it up too hasty


upset she is at what I leave,

fat gander getting force-fed,

guts so leaden and swollen

I'm no longer good in bed


obesity roost...

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Obesity the silent cry

Sitting silent wondering why 

I didn't ask to be born fat

I struggle to get by everyday

i don't want to eat crap food

Please someone take it away

laughter out side the joker me?

look at the fat lady ugly isn't she

pretending I don't hear it I walk

people judge always talk talk talk

the big fat lady can hardly walk

pills don't work not diets I try

year after year th...

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