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In a Sea of Lonely Nights

A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nights 

in that last hour of the day

capturing words he wishes he had said

writing them down

so they’re out of his head


Music fills the air

soothing the tension

lessening the cares


Take a trip to the other side: 

what makes the other person tick,

what makes them come alive,

what’s in their head they’re trying to hide



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New Friend

Bipolar one disorder. I did not flinch. Warm and genuine, I liked him right away.

Open mike night. He played guitar. Part of the regular crowd. I had seen him many times, always with a   smile.

Beer was good and we talked over the music. It was only our second meeting, yet the conversation flowed   with ease. Relaxed and natural.

Been a lawyer he had. But not the "good kind" and he gave m...

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Nap Nap

Another quick one, needs work...


Nap Nap

Some days I think,
And those are always
The worst days.
Life; the sigh
Hanging from
My slack jaw,
Dribbling myself into
A pillow, hoping
I make a good pool.
Waking up wet,
Mid-day sun shines
Through the curtains
And the grass outside
Sobs when I ruffle
Its ...

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