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You ask if I'm okay,
because I am 
unusually quiet 

I'm just trying to keep memories 
behind the flood gates
so they don't sweep me away
to a dark place.

Thank you for being my escape,
a bright light,
my way home, 
my touchstone. 

Your love helps ease the pain.
I don't mean to push you away.
There are so many things I want to say,
but I must go, feed Jake. 


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You'll never know how much I want you
You'll never know how much I need you
You'll never know how much it hurts 
to see you in his arms.

Why I pretend not to see,
all these texts you send to me.
Why I decline all your invites,
when I used to see you every time.

He knows I'm your best friend,
he asked about you again.
There's just one thing he doesn't know,
you're the one my heart fo...

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So here's a shot for freedom, although why should i pretend. With a broken heart inside me, and the drugs im getting in.., theres a bottom to this bottle, and along with all my friends. we can make it in this world, just as being bubs till the end.

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