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Words of You

Searching for you

You’re the word

On the tip of my tongue

- tip - tip – tick – tock

You’re the face on my clock


You’re the catch in my breath

Like if I was to cough

Words of you

Would just tumble out

Like if I was to shout

Words of you

Would just rumble out

You’re built into my skull

You’re the clutch over my brain

You’re running through my veins


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anxietyBroken heartsHeartbreakMoving forwardobsessionrelationship breakupSilencestruggleWorry

What were they like?

They were the deciding factor

Of a good or bad day

Of whether I was okay

If we were okay


They could change my mood

Stop me in my tracks

Jumble my mind

Blind me from the truth


Like heroin

I was their addict

Ephemeral pleasure

Everlasting poison


By the end

I was weak


Stripped of all identity


And they appeared

In my dreams


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closureExeslost loveMoving forwardmoving on


Over the bs and the fuckin lies

You played me like night and day

It never mattered what I could say

You were always there to break me down

Left me to be the one with the frown

While you was on the other side

Hanging upside down

Your pride so high

I was no longer by your side

Found yourself a new girl

That you let into you and my son's world

I must admit you play a ...

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moving forward


entry picture

If you are reading this poem
That means you finally did it
You graduated from college 
And eager to start your journey into the world
But there are some things you must remember.

Don’t ever give up on what’s in your heart
Don’t ever let go of hat it is you believe in
Don’t ever say the road is too tough
And that it’s better to quit.

Don’t ever think that you don’t matter 
Because you’re ...

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hopeMoving forward

Round and Round They Go About Leaving

Oh believe me,

I would let you come back.

I would let you inside my house.

Pull your clothes off,

Pull you back into me.

And when it's over,

All that'd be left to tell you is,

That I don't need you anymore.

That now you're still leaving,

Only this time because I made you.


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LeavingMoving forwardNeed

Chapter 21: Find You

entry picture

I never cared about my smile before

But that change when I met you

A wicked sensation went through my soul

And from there, Cupid began to work his magic


We were two strangers from different worlds

I saw your lovely face and asked to sit next to you

You spoke in the most cutest voice

Sending me in a trance of honey butterflies


I’m writing again now

But every lin...

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boyloveMoving forward

Finally seeing

entry picture


I worked into exhaustion,

Then I finally saw,

I was born to write,

And so walked out the door.

I fell in love,

With a perfect female,

But I boarded a train,

And so we derailed.

I finally see it,

My stupid brain,

Knows what it wants,

And takes it away.

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Broken heartExhaustionMoving forward

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