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Beauty Song

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Don't wear contact lenses 
Your eyes are my Ocean
Let me feel your lovely senses 
And see you my Queen. 

Don't use makeup material
Just be same as you are
Rosy cheeks are really natural 
looks for me as star.

Don't cut your shiny hair 
I love it to become so long 
Set free your hair to air 
And let me enjoy the song.


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Implosion explosion (après la bombe)

A thin translucent veil

light forcing through

in fractured shafts,

the eyes adjust

to no avail

shedding shape’s

the mind can’t craft.


A swollen sponge 

to soak the sense

with pitching high tone squeal,

the ear adjusts

but cannot clear

that droning 

hum surreal.


Mouth of dirt

eyes of blood

clawing hands that plea,

dragging back to conscio...

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Living after traumarecoverysensesstruggle


I can taste the colours of your kiss
Fiery crimsons bursting through 
Mellow yellows
Exploding into sweet tangelo
Cool blues
Turning violet
As my senses play this quiet duet

I hear music when you touch me
Bass lines throbbing alongside
Exotic rhythms
Tumbling into trembling strings
Soaring voices
Dulcet tones
Within your music my body groans

I can smell flowers in your words

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