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Keep Office Sue onside

Quick learning
Fast talking
No time for nonsense
Swift breeze passes by
As you pass us by
Little talk
Other than 'Hi
No time for bye
Or look me in the eye
This makes you mysterious
This makes me curious
Inquisitive by nature
Brain already on it
Naturally faster than the speed you travel
But body still as still as it was when sleeping
Brain doesnt miss a trick
My brain has collected...

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Frustration and Boredom

entry picture

Deep seated boredom and frustration
Grinding at my begrudged concentration
Slowly I watch my brain cells die
And slowly I can’t be bothered to try
My mind’s enraged like an animal caged
Today is another one of those days
Five in fact like a boiling pot
With the lid on while I keep getting hot
In my mind I overflow
In ways I couldn’t let them know
I contain an explosion of colours and wor...

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Same Sh*t, Different Day

standing there silent, feet on the ground
in a world of my own whilst folk rush around
in every direction, this seething throng
is it just me, am I in the wrong
am I the only one in this crowd
not making a noise but wanting to shout
and scream at those that are nearby
I shrug my shoulders, let out a sigh
all going to the office, a corporate ideal
sterile surroundings, same look and feel

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The Office Waits ...

The Office Waits

The office waits after
A quiet night,
Lulled to sleep by
The hum of the air con
And the tinnitus of the transformers.

The stillness and silence
Of the morning is broken
By the ping of the lifts
And their electronic voices;
By the clattering of keyboards and
The muttering of memory failures:
Another forgotten password.

Then the photocopier yawns -
Its plastic bo...

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The Usual

Sun through window,

Clock ticks.

I stare into space,

Blank mind like empty canvas.

Pen taps,


Failed slaughterer of time.


Work unfinished,

Clock ticks.

Cold coffee untasted,

I look at unread my emails,

and ignore them.



Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.


Shuffle papers,

Move mouse,

Press keys,

Clock ticks.


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Workplace Gossip Causes ' Issues' . . I'm not a fan of the gossips who sit back and watch the chaos unfold . . this is about that



Gossipygossipygossipygossipy . . . gossip


GOSSIPS !!    Shhhhhhhhhhhsh


Have you heard ?

It's the . . shame its a shame game

Where no-one's to blame

No-one with any

Particular Name . . not really

Not now . ...

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