Same Sh*t, Different Day

standing there silent, feet on the ground
in a world of my own whilst folk rush around
in every direction, this seething throng
is it just me, am I in the wrong
am I the only one in this crowd
not making a noise but wanting to shout
and scream at those that are nearby
I shrug my shoulders, let out a sigh
all going to the office, a corporate ideal
sterile surroundings, same look and feel
free coffee and tea is the only perk
of this repetitive thing they call work
the day passes by with an eye on the clock
back to the station the hamsters flock
these empty shells of women and men
get back on the wheel to go round again
I'm sick of this hectic pace of life
the stress on my body, far too much strife
this 9 to 5 madness I've had enough
just stop the world 
I want to get off


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