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subway tracks.

The last two weeks
The subway tracks
Below my feet
Have looked like a pretty face the first time you see
Hauntingly appealing 

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Love Conquers All

Sitting on the kitchen floor 

in the middle of the night

Pill packets to the left of me 

and a knife just to the right 

I was young, I was broken 

I felt I couldn’t win the fight

Hopeless and desperate 

I wanted a way out of this life

This wasn’t something new

there had been many other times

But usually the prescription drugs 

were enough to suppress the crime


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Trigger Warning

I see it everywhere,

being laughed about, tormented

“Ha! Triggered!”

If only it could be prevented.


This generation needs to grow up

stop being so damn sensitive

a bunch of babies who can’t cope

well how about you stop being so damn negative?


“Kill yourself!”

Ha, wait, is that a trigger?

Not yet, but it will be

when you realize you’re the killer


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