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A Prayer for the Living


A Prayer for the Living


Pray that your living be thus:

A journey fulfilled, not forgotten,

a place for the touching of souls, not Mammon,

to freely forgive, and bear no malice,

a mind at peace, never roiling in anger -

and room to grow, not retreat or wander,

with no pangs of envy for the birds as they fly,

but to drink in the indigo boom of the waves

as they c...

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The Romulus Triangle

entry picture

My frustration never ends

It butts in like a question

And Tuesdays are so blind

To my hopeless, heedless mind

I want to fall 

Into your endless, open

Wall of discomfort

Front seat never looked inviting

But I enjoyed the thought

Of sitting there anyway

I don't want to stand in front

I wanna catch it on fire

From below

There's no show I want to see

Or be I j...

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Song Bird.

Like the morning bird
You sing the stars away.

Just like that
My darkness burns to light.

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Punk Rockers Don't Sing The Blues.

Put on my pants
Put on a show
Fake a smile
No one will know

Don't show weakness
Fake my emotions
Bury my anxiety
Just go with the motions

I gotta play fast
Need to sing out of tune
Because don't you know
Punk Rockers Don't Sing The Blues

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