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Me ne mujh sa kayir, beywafa paya koyi nai
Sharafat!   Teri  izzat  abhi   tak  khoyi   nai

Tu ley aa usey ke dhar uska  khula  hai abhi
Shayad   uski   aankhein  abhi  tak  royi  nai

Har  jhapakti  palak  me   ye   bheegha  pan
Meri    aankhein   to  furqat   se   soyi   nai

Sharafat, is  roz  to   umeed  bhi  na  yi bhar
Tere    dhar  se  aaj   bhi  guzra   koyi   nai



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Snow Day

Snow Day

One cannot simply ignore this

Superstitions do not normally get my attention

That is, until premonition fruition

Hindsight and all

Yet while the bayous have snow

Rain taps my window pain

I cannot ignore this sign

This message

I will not see snow this year,

Perhaps for many years to come

Snow is too pure to be touched by my tainted skin

Yet still I pray ...

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How Blessed I Am To Have You

{How Blessed I Am To Have You} 



I couldn't

even start to

fathom how

blessed I am

to have you in

this life with

me and in any

other life~time

before and here

after and no

matter where

or when I would

always still 

choose to fall in

love with you

my darling







©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover...

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His Eye's~His Everything

{His Eye's~His Everything}



His eyes are like getting lost into deep space nine with the glory of the heavens shining through them 

His word's was earth moving to her ? heart that she kept so hidden from everyone in deep space nine 

His voice was like the soft angel's singing out her name with touch of roughness to it which she founded to be intoxicating 

His hair was like sil...

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Why Do I Stay?

It's the little things you do
The way you say my name
The way you smile at me
How easily I can laugh with you
No matter how sad I am
The way you believe in me
The way you hold me up
How strong you can be
To lift up and support me
The way we kiss after a fight
The way we grow together
How beautiful you make me feel
On my ugliest days
It's all these things,
All these reasons,
I'm stil...

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Well I'm stuck in a hard spot with a beautiful new blooming romantic relationship because this person has asked me for my hand in marriage and I'm somewhat scared to make a big commitment to him like that knowing I've had bad experiences with my past relationships before him 



And mu mind is telling me to listen to my ? heart that is still beaten up because of ...

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An Englishman's Home

An Englishman’s Home


Our life together has fashioned some melancholic times,

White lies and absurd secrets threatening our connubial bond.

Misfortunes have conspired to smash down our familial castle

Yet the walls and foundation laid beneath them remain strong.


And through the haze of shadowed memory and retrospect

Some little lights grow bright like welcome stars at ni...

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Heavy Water

A heavy rain pressing staccato against the bedroom window

droplet snakes chase each other down to the collected pool on the dimpled lid of the wheelie bin

we are dry
we are warm

The incense stick meditates it’s aroma throughout our space
the smoke caressing our senses like an ethereal concubine
virgin candles of pink and white cast our silhouettes on the mandala that hovers ove...

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In Your Arms

In Your Arms

In your arms is my favourite place to be
Our body's intertwined
Fitting together perfectly
Like neighbouring jigsaw pieces
Now I've found my missing piece
I am complete

When I'm in your arms my heart can't stop smiling
I'm floating on cloud nine
And I hope you will always be mine
When I close my eyes as we kiss
I never want to open them again
It feels euphoric and I ca...

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The First Time We Met

The First Time We Met

The first time we met I said "maybe I shouldn't have done it"
You said "but nothing bad happened did it?"
I thought "not yet", but my gut feeling was that you were different
And I got butterflies in my stomach

Our relationship is still very new
But already I can't imagine my life without you
We see each other almost daily
And you call me your pretty lady

I don'...

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Lover's Embrace

Lover's Embrace

I run my hands through your auburn hair
Feeling it's silky softness
Drinking in its sweet, apple scent
I'm hypnotised by your smell
Enchanted under your spell

You gently kiss my hand, my neck, my cheek
And every part of me melts
My breathing follows an unfamiliar rhythm
My heart beats the way it's been longing to beat

Your lips are close enough to kiss
My eyes stay...

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Words melt into










left with






by Lynn Hahn


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Ah! I loved you!


Lost to your soul,

            I bared my heart


Within your mind

            I held my heart...


            as if all hearts sang with mine

                        as if all lips knew


I felt your blood pulse

            and heat my soul

            as your hair scourged my body


                        (Ah! I loved your hair!)


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Orange moon

An orange moon gets me wilding out. 

It makes me reminisce.

About the warm sensual nights we used to spend together.

Not sensual in a physique type of way. 

But sensual in a 'thanks for sharing your deepest secrets type of way'. 

The candle light shining on your right sheek left me wondering.

If the red glowy side represented a colour that was well know by mankind, were the patte...

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There was once a man.

There was once a man,

charming in the flesh

He fell in love with a woman,

who he described her as a universe with the brightest stars.

She was his dream,

a dream that came close with his reality.

There was once a man,

bewitched with all.

He dare not speak,

for not to ruin all.

He cared for his beloved,

as if she was the heart of it all.

Until he met his dem...

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Love making

Wedding bells chime, the ceremony is over 
Rice rises as we make haste down the aisle
been waiting for this day more than a little while 
the day that I am able to fully embrace my lover

bad company asked me what's the point in waiting?
while they were having sex, our love was in the
an intercourse of the mind and soul as we Christian mingled 
minus the worldwide web but we still c...

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A spark lit up
A small, thin matchstick,
Gently rubbed from
A matchbox's wall.

Cursed at the fire
That burns a frail wick,
Drilled tightly into
Candle of false hopes.

Glimpsed the beauty
Of radiance and awe,
A fleeting light
To bleak, weary past.

The dancing flame
Slowly melts and hurts,
The paraffin
Where homeless hope lives.

It brightly shines,
As it ghastly burns,

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Better for my soul

Days have gone till I've felt something strange,
would I feel like that again?
Will my life be with the sweetness I haven't known yet?
One can do so much,
one can feel too much.
I admit I ache for something,
something unknown.
One thing is for certain,
I might feel it again.
Might not be the same, 
maybe more...
Better of this ache,
better for my soul.



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Missing You (for my love)

I'd hold you close but you're not here, longing for you I shed a tear,the bedsides cold, my hands are too, If you were near I'd reach for you, the night sky is black but mostly blue,like how I feel when I'm missing you

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romancelovesad poem

Air it out

Memories come back to me like wooh!

If I think real hard about it I start feeling blue

So they say I should put it out of mind

And I'll be fine

I agree with that but sometimes

Some times I try to forget replay in my mind

Thoughts they replay and replay 

Think I gotta air it out

Hear me out

This is what I got to say


We were vibing

Didn't view her like a nice th...

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easy like Sunday morning

that's my man...

no drama

dressed in laughter

that's what I'm after

ready to walk a mile

to make me smile

heart so warm

takes away every storm

oh babe I will return the pleasure

I'll be your favorite treasure.

by lynn hahn


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In my times of tribulations,

Arrived my salvation.

One might think it was an angel,

It was, but in the form of a girl.


She brought light into my life,

My prayer of hope in the flesh.

Her name alone is a prayer,

That brings easiness to my heart and head.


She makes me be a better man,

She has taught me to trust and love.

With her eyes, she stops time.

With ...

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Open heart gift

I like to show that I'm trying, I give you the proof so you know I'm not lying, you've had it bad before, leaving your heart slightly torn, I'll put on my nurse uniform and cure you like no ones done before

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