Air it out

Memories come back to me like wooh!

If I think real hard about it I start feeling blue

So they say I should put it out of mind

And I'll be fine

I agree with that but sometimes

Some times I try to forget replay in my mind

Thoughts they replay and replay 

Think I gotta air it out

Hear me out

This is what I got to say


We were vibing

Didn't view her like a nice thing

She is not an object to be played with

A beautiful person - has her flaws

But who doesn't have issues?

What I didn't know is she had claws

A beast, I was her play thing

She scarred me deep: left me crying

Pass the tissues

Bring the IV, I'm dying


Girl  you got me with that ratatata ta ta

I was flying so high

You brought me down so low

Left me solo

You took the goods

And left me with that bad and ugly

You made me think you were into me

I was into you

Even the blind could see that

It took a lot of courage for me to...

Confess my feelings - should I, should I not, should I, I will, I did

Then you said : ' We are good friends - leave it a that' 

You say no hard feelings

But that dropped on me like a ton of bricks

Why am I suddenly feeling so sick?

...cut me deep


For a while all I want to do is sleep

And never wake up....wake up....woke up

Gotta get moving

Obviously e drifted apart

But now you feeling moody?

Saying you miss our close relationship?

But you were the one that sank the ship

Girl, i gotta guard my heart


Wooh! Feel good to air it out!

God hear me out

Your perfect love casts out fear

Come and do that work here

My heart - wanna love again

confess again, may get heart broken again

but no pain, no gain

In Jesus name 

Help me find one that's right for me

And give us the strenght and wisdom 

To live, love, learn how to live and love better



◄ Inspired by Beleaf's song:Depressed

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Mon 13th Feb 2017 14:11

Thanks Old Shoes, this was inspired from a high school fling that had me feeling Sky high and left me feeling as if I was in the basement of a basement. It was really a hard time for me ad only now years later could I really air it out without bringing up any toxic feelings.

Colin, the flow of a poem is really important to me so that's a much appreciated comment from you.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 13th Feb 2017 08:33

there's a good flow to this Juan.

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New Shoes

Mon 13th Feb 2017 05:04

my only advice would be from your last two lines. If the love of God can be truely conceived in your heart, that can help repair it. and if that feeling can be reflected back out on others, it can make you stronger and will help you see the things that can cause such pains. But despite all the advise, I know it is hard to pull your thoughts from that mental vortex.

best wishes

Old Shoes

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