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Queen Of The Sea

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She was born a mermaid. 
Half divine fish,
Half human female. 
Her thoughts swam far and wide

Mesmerized by an ocean dream,
Rolling waves, sea pure and clear,
The sea belongs to The Mermaid,

The shore is her secret little sanctuary
Below the swaying leaves of coconut trees
Like the gold at the end of a rainbow

The smell of saltwater that arouses her senses,
The flowers that open her eye...

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Mermaid Song

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O, mermaid of the moonlight,
You sang so sweetly in the
Midst of the lake. I recall
The music of your voice,
The freedom of your chords.
Vision of delight, you sat
Silhouetted against the moon,
Your hair waving in the spray,
Your breasts dancing with

The motion of your arms
As you played the sea lute.
Such a fragrant night you
Must have felt the urge to
Rise up from the depths
Of the...

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Zennor Morning


I find you a mermaid

Rip her fish


We had not dreamt of mythology 

And of the thoughtless   standing chained in  the quicken deep


A ship burns  on the water

Daybreak  still in incident



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cornwallmermaidocean deep ocean drowned

As for me, all I know is that I know nothing

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This poem is a collaboration between myself and another poet, J.R.Morgan. You can find her work here. www.J-r-morgan.tumblr.com

Bold is myself, Italics is Morgan.


Bland winds hold her hand

as they lead her through the scent of lilac promises

exhaled from decomposed breath.

They carry her down to the riverbank

where Zephyrus winds churn the

tides to the ri...

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