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Why do I feel like this?

Inside of me deep within.

A tempest of emotions and thoughts and feelings.

A real wind blown cliche.

Leaving me teary eyed.

Wpiping tears away when no one sees.

Thinking of my life.

How things could be different.

What I should've done different.

Or not done at all.

Oh the list is long.

As is my list of woes.

If I could redo it all, I wou...

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I'm constricted by the fact, that life is to share,

I just see poor judgment, and a silly content,

of stay where you were hand, to raised and to forget.

Over bed or on couch, your time shall come next,

As the rest of your days, bad-thoughts, hopes and prays.


It is said that's not true, for you to be alone,

So to them I should say, my half never became.

I've been thinking ...

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Poetry VI


The day is to past, the time is to come.

Life would be ashore, kept below a dome.

Wind shall blow and howl, clouds will rise and pour.

Darkness's upon us, light's hidden from roar.


Nature, nature, she is strong and fair,

wild, crazy, she is a must to protect.

Rain drops over us, sun above the air,

quiet, shiny, a rainbow to collect.


Grass has go...

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