Poetry VI


The day is to past, the time is to come.

Life would be ashore, kept below a dome.

Wind shall blow and howl, clouds will rise and pour.

Darkness's upon us, light's hidden from roar.


Nature, nature, she is strong and fair,

wild, crazy, she is a must to protect.

Rain drops over us, sun above the air,

quiet, shiny, a rainbow to collect.


Grass has gone muddy, face mood turn blue.

Green are its features, they're part of nature.

Assets would perish, when birds sing anew.

Life has its magic, you'll see it is true.


Enjoy while you can, Sun shining through clouds,

tempering your nerves, aching again your thoughts.

You'll become clever, if you let it do.

Its work isn't easy, there's a burden on so.


A pain, a rash, it's a hundreds of us.

We burn, we run, we think she is ours.

Gea, oh, Gaia, many words to name you,

forget our mischief, we should know you.


It's a time to change your skin, make it white,

dress it fresh and cold, is on us enjoy,

your goods, faces and pure green unborn mite.

One more cloth shall come, like a little boy,

it shall smile and breath, life will change to speak

we'll stay here to see, from today winter's pick.

Author and copyright: AhLlopis

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